group of young people running on treadmills in modern sport gym

How You Can Get in the Zone During Your Triumphant Return to the Gym

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused gyms all over the world to close down. The gyms are opening in certain locations throughout the United States with many fitness buffs hesitant to try their luck. There are new policies that will help ensure the health of the members at gyms but it is too much of a risk for some to take. If you have decided that you need to be back in the gym you want to start off on the right foot. There are going to be adjustments so make sure that you have a few different variations of exercises to substitute. With all of the people banned from going to the gyms there could be a huge influx of people during the first few weeks open. Hitting the gym late at night or extremely early in the morning might allow you to avoid crowds as many people working remotely have been enjoying sleeping in. Below are tips to get into the right frame of mind when you return to the gym.

Be Realistic About What Kind of Shape You’re in

The last thing you want is to injure yourself from overestimating what type of shape you are in. Your bodyweight exercises might have kept you toned but take it easy when lifting weights. You want to stay in the gym consistently so gradually work your way back and make sure that you stretch/foam roll after working out. You have extra time if you are working remotely or limited hours so dedicate this time to recovery. Make sure that if you write out your lifting schedule for a few weeks that you make it gradually more difficult rather than killing yourself week after week.

Write Out Your Workout the Night Before

Writing out your workout the night before is far better than aimlessly looking for the next available machine, bench, or deadlift bar. You might be able to see patterns in your workouts by doing this as well. Plenty of people that lift weights might neglect a certain muscle or muscle group due to hating the exercises associated. The legs are what most people skip and especially tough exercises like deep squats. Keep in mind that you might have to shorten your workout so get in the major exercises first. Certain gyms have time limits as they want their facility to be open to as many members as possible without breaking CDC guidelines.

Wear Your Favorite Gym Outfits

When you feel good you are more confident so sport your favorite gym outfits. This could be a shirt that shows off your alma mater or an outfit that accentuates the positive aspects of your physique. Clothing like Hillman College apparel can spark conversation at the gym. You have to exercise in the appropriate attire to avoid injury though. Wearing the wrong shoes running or lifting weights can have catastrophic results.

Getting back into the gym is exciting for plenty of people that have missed the stress relief exercise gives them during this pandemic. You have time to get back into shape so do not rush anything and do not return to the gym if you aren’t comfortable due to COVID-19.