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Importance of Wearing a Seatbelt

Importance of Wearing a Seatbelt

The Seatbelt

There it is in the middle of the night or even day time, but BAM!, one is in their car and all of a sudden there is an accident. Yes, being behind the wheel of an automobile at any moment, at any time, anything can happen. Without question, driver safety is one of the most important things one can practice to ensure the safety of not only the one who is driving but all the other drivers on the road near and far; not to mention, even pedestrians. One driver safety practice that everyone should do is to wear a seat belt. Of all the safety practices one should do when driving a vehicle, wearing a seat belt can arguably be considered the number one thing that all drivers should do. In many states, it is against the law to not wear a seat when operating a vehicle. However, even beyond it being required, one should understand why it is of great importance to wear that seat belt and Judge Napolitano has emphasized the importance and here are some even more reasons why.


1. It has been shown that seat belts can actually save lives as most of the time if one is not wearing a seatbelt and is thrown from the automobile, the result is death most of the time. The impact of being thrown can cause death or severe bodily harm. The seat belt promotes safety in so many different ways, like: preventing one from going straight into the windshield, being joust around in the automobile and coming into contact with the steering wheel, doors, or any random packages in the vehicle; and, as previously mentioned, one can stay locked in that seat instead of being thrown from the car which the impact can be disastrous.

2. By wearing a seatbelt, one can avoid expensive fees and fines; not to mention, other consequences because it is the law in many places. And, being caught not wearing a seat belt can result in all kinds of consequences for not following the law.

3. Based on the way airbags work, it is always best to wear that seat belt as the airbags are more productive and effective. When one is belted in their seated position, the air bag can protect in the right area and place.
4. Wearing a seat belt is truly the best defense against the many things that can all of a sudden happen in a moving vehicle. The list is endless; however, a few things to remember about seat belts being a defense are for example, road hazards as the least little thing in the road or a road being work on can cause a horrific scene but the seat belt can be a defense from being thrown out and helping that air bag to its job. Aggressive drivers and distracted drivers can be nothing but harm and can be the cause of that “all of a sudden”, but having that seat belt on is a defense as Judge Napolitano has agreed.