Instapot reviews reveal why you should start eating healthier

The small decisions are the ones that make our days. Restful sleep, tasty food, an inspiring song, and a healthy body. Tiny steps are the ones that make the greatest difference. Eating healthy, when stressed out by your job, house chores and expensive bills, seems one of the hardest things to do. But eating healthy is crucial, it brings only benefits (you look better, you feel better, you save money, you learn new recipes). 

But what eating healthy means? It’s challenging to get the right answer, especially when everyone is a cuisine guru and they share recipes you cannot even imagine how to recreate at home. Stop reading fancy blogs on how to eat healthily; it’s all about having a diet that includes eating whole grain, plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and dairy products. 

Why should you start eating healthier?

Instant pots haven’t generated hype for nothing. People understood that they are more than simple pressure cookers, they deliver food that brings real chances for a healthy diet. If you need help to stay motivated, here is why it’s a smart decision to eat more nutrient-packed foods

You’ll live longer. Prolong your life by preventing health problems that cost you money and have a negative impact on your life quality. The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society states that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables combined with regular exercise can extend your life expectancy. 

Lose weight. Speaking of extra weight, do you know that more half of Americans are obese or overweight, and obesity is one of the main causes of deaths in Americans? We totally understand why you want to lose weight, but a strict diet will not do the trick. Exercising and healthy food choices are the secret. By eating healthy, you will reduce your body weight with 5% or even 10% in a single month. 

You’ll be healthier. It’s a mistake to believe that getting thinner will solve all your health problems. Extra weight is bad for your health, but the way you lose the extra pounds has a greater impact on your overall wellbeing. Eating right will help you get rid of extra fat, and boost your health. It’s as simple as that! By cutting down the amount of junk food you eat, and replacing it with nutrient-rich one, you offer your body the amount of minerals, nutrients and vitamins it needs, and you are getting healthier. It looks like you are the winner!

You’ll feel better. What you eat directly influences your brain. We will not bore you with a long list of foods that fight depression, but we will tell you that when you cook foods in an instant pot or you eat them fresh they enhance your mood. Surprising, right? Studies show that vegetables, whole grains, and fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins, and lower the risk of depression. Happiness is the result of general wellbeing, eating healthy prepares your body for fighting with stress and depression. 

Pressure cooking is the new revelation for healthy eating

We started this article stating that instant pot reviews reveal why you should switch to a healthier diet. An essential step in adopting a healthier diet is to start cooking foods in a way that preserves their vitamins and nutrients. Instant pots are not pressure cookers. We have to highlight this even if it may sound repetitive. They are multi-cookers, they sear, brown and sauté foods similarly to stoves. They can be used to cook various dishes, from sweets to rice and steak. A single kitchen tool allows you to cook countless recipes.  

Instant cooking is different from boiling. Regular steaming and boiling make the vitamins to leech out of foods and to lose their nutritional properties. Instant cookers prepare the food fast, in depth and evenly, so they preserve more than 90% of their vitamins

Healthy eating is often mistaken for unappealing food. Cooking in a container, being it open or closed can have this effect because it exposes the aliments to heat and oxygen, two compounds that make diminish the taste and make the dishes look dull. Steam on the other hand saturates the foods and makes them maintain their colour and taste. reveals that instant pots enable the flavour of the food to grow faster and deeper.

A healthy body requires nutrients, vitamins and minerals. As you can imagine harmful microorganisms have a negative impact on your health. When you prepare food, it’s crucial to reduce and even cut down, if possible, the amount of microorganisms you ingest. Viruses and harmful organisms get directly into your body through food, it’s the easiest way to grow and damage your health. By cooking the aliments in a pressure pot, in an environment that facilitates water boiling, you destroy all harmful bacteria

Kidney beans are high in nutrients and proteins, but they also contain a toxin that can damage your health if ingested. An instant pot neutralizes this type of toxin in no more than 10 minutes.

Other easy ways to switch to a healthier diet

We mentioned that tiny steps make the difference. Here are the tiny steps we recommend to adopt to start eating healthier now.  

Cake is for birthdays – Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you should stay away from cookies, ice cream, cake, pies, brownies… you got the point. Enjoy that piece of cake when you celebrate something special, really special, for you. Don’t find excuses, we all know that every day is someone’s birthday, but it’s up to you to make the right decision for your health. 

No sugar in coffee, tea and water (wait, what, WATER) – Around half of Americans add sugar to the beverages they drink daily. While coffee can help you live longer, sugar can lead to type 2 diabetes. No junk food, even if you buy it “for friends” – Yes, your partner may love chocolate, but you shouldn’t buy it for them. It’s easier to buy junk foods when you state you are doing it for your company. Stick to healthy options, even if your “friends” may not love them, at first.

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