Is Bullying Affecting Your Mind?

Most of the talk about bullying seems to revolve around children of school age, but adults bully and are bullied as well. Some people have their own opinions about those that bully and those that are bullied, but it is a simple fact that bullies are mean and the effect their actions have on the people they attack or “pick on” can be long lasting.

Some teenagers that have been the victims of bullying have gone as far as suicide to get away from those that bullied them, while bullying can have lasting mental effects on people of all ages, and bullied children may never forget the torment they went through, even as they grow older.

The Acts Of Bullies

When bullies constantly pick on someone it really works to break them down. From name calling, to hitting, to just plain working to frighten someone, bullying can ruin a person’s confidence, it can make them more fearful of everyday actions, and it can cause major depression and anxiety.

Whether or not the bully realizes their actions have such harmful effects or not is not always known. Some might do it because they know these horrible effects and they are just really horrible people, and some my bully simple because they don’t know any better.

How It Makes You Feel

If you are being bullied, or have been bullied, you probably already know some of the things it does to you. You may have started out as a happy and confident person, but bullying tears down that confidence and ruins that happiness, and for some people it drives them into a deep, deep depression.

Depression and anxiety are a couple of the biggest effects of bullying. Bullying can also cause you to become very stressed out, which can lead to other issues, like poor heart health. Stress and anxiety can go hand in hand.

And, for some people, aside from suicide, another result of prolonged bullying could be a fear of even leaving the home. They could develop agoraphobia, or even, at minimal, get social anxiety and suffer from panic attacks.

How To Stop Bullying

Bullying isn’t a new thing, and just ignoring a bully isn’t the answer. If they see their actions don’t bother you they may stop, but not always. The key is to find someone to talk to so that you can get the right kind of help to get out from under the negativity of your bully.

Many schools offer anti-bullying campaigns, and it’s likely your town has some sort of safe place, or you can talk to a teacher. If you are an adult being bullied, you may want to talk to the police, and if you are suffering mental anguish because of the bullying your doctor may be able to offer some help as well.