The Do’s And Dont’s Every Runner Should Know

Running may not be as simple as it seems.  There are certain techniques involved in running that will help you to run longer and better.  If you enjoy running marathons, there are also a few things particular to long distance running that you should engrave into your knowledge bank.  If you’re interested in learning more about healthy techniques for more efficient running and for your own wellness, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when you’re out running.  

Run with the toe end of your foot

You want to make sure that you don’t run with your heels.  Aim to step with your toes, and land your stride on the middle of your foot.  Landing on your heels over and over again while running will eventually cause you skeletal pain.  It can damage your knees, hips, and all the way up your spine.  If you plan on running when you’re older, then you should definitely take this little tidbit into consideration every single time you hit the pavement.  Also, keep your stride short.  Running faster doesn’t entail stretching yourself thin.  This will affect your posture, and can damage your body in the long run too!

Marathon running is a big picture event

When you’re running a marathon, there’s always a journey to experience.  Maybe you have spent hours upon hours to raise money for a honorable cause or you’re running to honor a fallen family member.  Whatever the cause, you have one job to do.  Finish the race.  

Make sure you train thoroughly ahead of time.  To think that you can just go and run ten miles out of nowhere is ludicrous.  You have to condition your body before hand.  Don’t rely too heavily on music to get you through your run.  Marathons are long, and you will need to be attentive and alert to stay safe.  

Always warm your body up

When heading out for a run, you should always warm up your body’s muscles first.  Spend five to ten minutes stretching and loosening up any stiff muscles.  When you run without first warming your muscles, you run the risk of damaging your body.  You could strain or even tear some pivotal tissues.  So take the time to prepare yourself.  

Drink water and keep your head high
You should always, always, always remember to properly hydrate yourself.  Your body needs water to continue to perform.  Also, keep your head up as you are running.  This is not only safer as you can see any obstacles that might be in your way, but it’s better for your body.  Running with your head down will ruin your posture, and cause all sorts of new aches and pains in your back and hips.