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Is Isolation Key To Pandemic Protection?

Isolation is the most important step to pandemic protection. If a person isolates themselves entirely from the public then there is a greater chance they will not get the virus. Doctors like Chanoch Harow, remind patients to wear a mask and be cautious of the things around them. The more people that follow social distancing order, the more positive outcomes will come out of the economy and the healthcare industries. Doctors and healthcare professionals are working tirelessly to support those who need assistance. Nany people who do not isolate themselves contract the virus and spread it further to other people. The longer this pandemic continues, the more people will have to pay the ultimate cost of it. There are those who are lucky enough to live far in rural areas. That way, they maintain isolation guidelines and don’t come in contact with people very often. Those who live in cities and very urban areas have the distavange. Of course, the best way to get groceries is through delivery. That way, there is no contact from people. However, if this is too expensive, then trying to go grocery shopping at subdued hours is the best option. 

People have to understand that isolation is the only guaranteed way to not get COVID-19. As the summer drifts away, colder nights and temperatures start to sneak in. People with allergies and health issues will become even more affected by the pandemic. Those who have health issues prior to contracting COVID-19 are at a much higher disadvantage. These people do not have as great of a chance of survival as the younger generations. With over two hundred thousand deaths in America, people really need to continue isolation and practice  social distancing at a higher level. It is important that those who have weaker immune systems stay indoors until this pandemic is over, If that is too much to handle, going on walks or forumatiling a routine can help a person feel better. It is frightening to see the devastation this virus has caused but it is up to us to stop it. 

In addition, many people must come to the retaliation that protection starts with oneself. By carrying hand sanitizer and going to stores at very early and uncrowded times, one can ensure safety.  Doctors and Chanoch Harow recommend downloading Zoom to help people feel less alone. By connecting with family and friends online, people will have more to look forward to during the pandemic. Making purchases that can be delivered from small businesses is another way to maintain a happy isolation lifestyle. As COVID-19 continues to spread, many people are remote which is why it can be hard for people to remain isolated. Having a work, home, and everything in-between environment can drive people crazy. As long as social distant regulations are in place, people should be able to safely walk around parks or paths that are designated to do so.