List of Top 10 CBD Health Benefits

Many researchers are finding that cannabidiol, or CBD, can help cure many different ailments.

While it derives from the marijuana plant, CBD is not the hallucinogen in marijuana. When it is extracted from the plant, it has certain properties that can do a lot of good for human health.

 It primarily comes from hemp, which according to can be inspected to ensure no more than 0.3% of THC is present, but it can also be converted into oil. Here are some of the illnesses it treats. 

#1 Relieves Epileptic Seizures

Several studies have shown that CBD can decrease and even completely stop epilepsy patients from having seizures. This is most effective for those who suffer from Dravet’s Syndrome, which is an illness common amongst children. Kids who suffer from this illness commonly see their seizures drop to 0 after taking CBD. Some adults have lowered the number of seizures they experience due to CBD, but those results are less consistent.

#2 Lowers Anxiety

Treating anxiety can be a difficult ordeal for some. Drugs taken for anxiety have inconsistent results. Benzodiazepines, for instance, can have harmful effects for some who take it. 

CBD, however, has been found to ease the symptoms of anxiety without the severe side effects other drugs come with. Patients who have taken CBD experienced relaxed muscles and tension in the body, which helps relieve physical effects from anxiety. A study with rats has also shown better social interactions after taking CBD.

#3 Reduces Pain from Arthritis

A study has proven CBD’s ability to reduce neuropathological pain. Participants in this study took Sativex, a drug in which CBD is the main ingredient. This goes a long way in soothing pain from Arthritis. The same studies have shown some, but not very frequent negative side effects from taking Sativex.

#4 Helps to Prevent Diabetes

Another study has shown that CBD might help prevent diabetes. Cannabidiol was tested on mice, and it was shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect. The results proved that diabetes in mice went from 86% to 30% after taking CBD.

#5 Treats Insomnia

Due to CBD’s ability to put the user in a strong state of relaxation, people have been found to fall asleep and stay asleep longer after taking the substance. As the study has shown 66.7% of CBD users reported better sleep.

#6 Helps People Quit Drug Addictions. 

The therapeutic qualities of CBD can also help those who suffer from addiction. The studies out there have shown that CBD is particularly beneficial for cocaine and opioid addicts. There are other studies, albeit limited, that show it might help marijuana and tobacco addicts kick the habit as well.

#7 Great for your Heart

One valuable component in CBD is antioxidants, which clear up your arteries and allows blood to flow freely. As a result, CBD can help treat many cardiovascular illnesses, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. 

#8 Relieves Nausea

Medicinal marijuana has been prescribed on occasion for nausea. It turns out that CBD is the main component of marijuana that actually relieves that nausea. One patient, in particular, was prescribed a CBD-strong dose of marijuana and had noticed nausea had completely dissipated. Another result of experimentation on rats with CBD was also that it helped alleviate nausea. You may check out this best CBD oil for nausea listed by CBD review portal.

#9 Helps Cancer Treatment

Anyone who has known someone suffering from cancer knows that treatment can be immensely rough. As it turns out, CBD can relieve some of the negative side effects that come with cancer treatment.

Cancer patients undergoing treatment can experience nausea, vomiting, and general pain, all of which CBD can alleviate. 

#10 Is not Addictive.

The compound in marijuana that actually is hallucinogenic is TCH. This substance is what makes a smoker of marijuana get “stoned,” and therefore is the main reason why smokers at least get psychologically addicted. Being a separate part of the drug, CBD has no addictive properties.

The good news doesn’t stop there. The side effects of taking CBD are very minimal. In fact, the studies have shown a bit more than 10% of subjects have experienced negative effects. The side effects included decreased appetite, diarrhea, fatigue, and vomiting. 

Outside of Sativex, Some pharmaceutical drugs are in development that contains CBD. That being said, hemp products and CBD oils are great ways to intake the positive effects of this potent remedy.