HydraFacial treatment is performed every 15 seconds throughout the world. This means per year around the globe it amounts to around 2 million people taking treatments. In various clinics, there are highly-effective and non-invasive treatments that is suitable for innumerable skin conditions. 

Hydro Facial is a medical-grade hydradermabrasion device that carries out a 4 to 6 step regimen that includes exfoliation, a specifically tailored dermal peel, a patented vortex extraction and a proprietary dermal-builder to address fine lines, uneven skin textures and pigmentation. 

What is Hydro Facial?           

Hydro Facial is a treatment for every skin type and can address specific concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, skin lacking in elasticity and firmness, in tone evenness and vibrancy, uneven skin texture, sun damage and hipper pigmentation as well as oily and congested skin, acne scarring and enlarged pores. 

Hydra Facial is non-surgical procedure that is gentle and can be achieved with regular treatments. You will be surprised to see the super-glowing results in your first session. Since the skin is constantly renewing itself and the epidermis is layered with dead skin cells that has been pushed up from the dermis underneath. A monthly treatment will remove the dead skin cells which make the skin congested, peeling and dull. 

Hydro Facial hydrates the skin and ensures fine lines, dehydration and wrinkles at bay. The team of Body Lipo Lincoln will advise you on how to use home made products to maintain the results between treatments. 

Monthly Benefits of HydraFacial – 

  1. There is no downtime – This is a non-invasive way to treat the skin for a multitude of skin conditions. 
  2. Immediate Results – After one treatment of Hydro Facial you will experience superb results.  
  3. Fast Treatment – Hydra Facial treatment takes about 30 to 60 minutes and most of the clients go for this treatment once in a month. 
  4. No discomfort – This skin treatment is super-gentle and can be used on even sensitive skin. 
  5. Beautiful skin – With a monthly Hydro Facial skin treatment you can enjoy youthful, clean, glassy-smooth skin all-year-round.  
  6. Restores Firmness – The treatment makes your skin firm and tight. The pores are tightened to prevent the accumulation of the dirt and oils that contributes to pimples and acne development. The treatment increases the radiance and smoothes the texture of the skin. 
  7. Suited for all types of Skin and Tone – Hydra Facial suits all skin types and skin tone. Person of any age group can undergo this treatment. The appearance of pimples and acne scarring in teenagers, hyper pigmentation in middle-aged person and signs of ageing in older individuals are prevented. 
  8. Safe and Effective – There are no permanent damage or risk of scarring to the skin. It includes procedures of microdermabrasion and chemical peeling. The treatment is safe for all type of skin and help in restoring the shine and natural glow of the skin. 

A monthly Hydro Facial treatment is best to avoid invasive or ablative procedures to improve the tone, quality and texture of your skin. The treatment is effective than a basic spa facial. Just ensure that you consult a certified professional for the treatment.