Marc Persson on the Signs It’s Time to See Your Local Chiropractor

Many people are aware that chiropractors can be valuable partners when a person is experiencing neck or back pain. Chiropractors can solve these problems with a combination of gentle spinal manipulation and joint alignment. Neck and back pain are not the only reason to see a chiropractor. Dr. Marc Persson goes over the signs that is time to visit a local chiropractor.

1. Pain in Your Neck

Neck pain is one of the most common reasons to see a chiropractor. Neck pain can result from a variety of causes, from slipped discs to pinched nerves. Any of these conditions can cause a loss of function and reduced quality of life. When a patient presents with neck pain, a chiropractor can determine the cause and help the patient move forward with less pain.

The cervical spine in the neck consists of seven vertebrae. This part of the spine is responsible for carrying the entire weight of the head, which is about 12 pounds in an adult. It is understandable that the neck may become misaligned given that it is put under so much pressure every day.

Circumstances that can cause neck pain include repetitive movement, a sedentary lifestyle, accidents, daily wear and tear, and aging. A chiropractor can work with the patient to determine the cause of the pain and then can manipulate the spine to help prevent future problems.

2. Back Pain

Back pain is another very common reason to see a chiropractor. Upper back pain, lower back pain, and pain in the middle of the back all have different possible causes. While a traditional doctor may simply look at your back and prescribe painkillers, a chiropractor will work with you to reduce or eliminate the pain using spinal manipulation. In some cases, traditional medicine and physical therapy are not helpful. For these patients, chiropractic adjustment is an excellent alternative.

3. Headaches

When a patient has frequent headaches, they will most often see their regular doctor, who may again prescribe painkillers. It is better to see whether a spinal condition, such as a problem in the neck, may be causing the headaches. Tension headaches and migraines can be alleviated by visiting a chiropractor.

Patients should also be made aware of their headache “triggers” which can bring on pain and discomfort. For many patients, stress, insomnia, noise, and light trigger headaches. For others, such as migraine, it is a neurological cause.

4. Car Accidents

Everyone who has experienced a car accident should see a chiropractor, even if they are not experiencing pain. The force of impact in a car accident can cause the spine to fall out of alignment. Chiropractors are experts at treating whiplash and other spinal problems that stem from car accidents or other traumatic events.

5. Uneven Wear on Shoes

One of the more subtle signs that a patient needs to see a chiropractor is when the patient’s shoes are worn unevenly. If the wear patterns on the sole of the shoe do not match the other foot, it is a sign that the spine is out of alignment and could be causing needless pain. A chiropractor will be able to examine the entire spine and make sure that it is in proper alignment, lessening this problem.

6. Preventive Care

While many people begin seeing a chiropractor because they are experiencing painful symptoms, routine adjustment is a good way to prevent future problems from occurring. Chiropractors have the goal of preserving your body’s natural alignment and promoting good body-wide health. A chiropractor can work with you to create a healthy living plan and will support you when you are in search of better health.

Visiting a Chiropractor like Marc Persson
Chiropractors are seasoned medical providers who are well-versed in treating spinal problems of all kinds, even those which are not readily apparent. Chiropractors can also help to spot signs of disease in the body, referring patients to a primary care physician for help.

When patients work with a chiropractor, they will find that they feel better and more like themselves than they have in years. They will also experience less pain in the spine and joints. Dr. Marc Persson encourages all patients to get in touch with a local chiropractor and learn about the benefits of chiropractic care.