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Dr Jen Allen – The Top 8 Signs You Have Chosen the Best Doctor for Your Cosmetic Injections

It is phenomenal the degree to which well-placed cosmetic injections of dermal fillers can restore a youthful look and augment the natural beauty of an aging face.  When facial cosmetic injections are done well, they are difficult to identify and what is seen instead is simply a fresh, natural, well rested look to the face.  According to Dr. Jennifer Allen of Portica Body & Face, “getting consistently beautiful and natural looking results with dermal filler injections is possible but can also be challenging as the results are highly dependent upon the aesthetic eye and technical skill of the individual administering the injections.”  As a provider of cosmetic injections of dermal fillers for over 12 years I have developed an overview of signs you can look for that indicate you have found an ideal cosmetic injector for your face.    

  • Your doctor’s face looks natural.  You will get a good idea of your injector’s aesthetic sense when you see how they’ve chosen to have their own face treated.  If your injector has an overall natural look and maybe even a few signs of aging here or there, you have one good piece of evidence that they are not a fan of overdoing a good thing.  
  • Your doctor has an overall plan for your face.  Maybe their plan is to leave certain areas untouched (which is likely a great idea) but ask your injector to articulate all their ideas to get a sense of their global perspective and artistic impressions of your face.  A lack of an overall plan and a lack of an ability to articulate a plan may indicate a less artistically and technically skilled injector.
  • Your doctor makes recommendations that are customized specifically to your face.  An experienced, artistic injector will be able to quickly customize a unique plan for each face that will specifically complement your naturally attractive existing facial features.   A less experienced or less artistic injector will recommend a similar treatment for each face despite the differences of each face.  
  • Your doctor has multiple tools to address your concerns.  There are many different kinds of dermal fillers, and different ways to inject and use the fillers.  The most skilled injectors will use multiple fillers and different techniques to address the different and varied signs of aging and restore a balanced, rested, fresh look to a face.  Using different modes of treatment indicates a savviness with the different products and a level of creativity on the part of your injector.
  • Your doctor is experienced and has treated many patients before you.   There is a learning curve for cosmetic injectors to master their skill.  Injections skills improve over time especially for an injector who is curious and determined to be constantly improving their art.  
  • Your doctor listens to you and takes their time to understand what it is you want.   Your doctor should have the artistic and technical know-how and be willing to share all their aesthetic recommendations with you, but ultimately it is your desires regarding your outcome and treatments that should run the show.  The doctors will have the time and patience to listen to your desires and deliver results that keep your needs front and center.
  • Your doctor gives a lot of consideration to facial balance and proportions when doing your injections.  This aspect of knowledge is very important but a bit difficult to assess. So much of what makes a face look pretty and natural after injections is how well the augmented areas blend into the adjoining areas and if the proportions of a face are balanced.  If you have a hard time knowing whether this is something your injector values or understands, simply ask. “Is there anything regarding balance or proportions on my face that you think could be improved?” or “How will the injections you are suggesting affect my facial balance or proportions?”
  • Your doctor’s lips look natural.  Besides the entire face needing to look natural, the lips themselves are a tell-tale sign of an injectors approach.  The human eye is very good at spotting unusual contours to the lips so it is particularly important that your injector values a natural contour to this area and knows how to obtain it.   The edges of the lips should seamlessly blend into the skin above the lip. When the edge of the lips are injected with a thick line of filler the edge of the lip becomes too prominent and does not blend into the skin above creating the tell-tale “duck” lip.  Putting less filler in the lip line and knowing when to place a little filler just above the lip is a key to keeping natural lip contours.