Medical Marketing: How Your Office Can Improve Business

Marketing for patient services within the health industry can be challenging. A solid presence in any community is critical for a successful medical business. The economy today has its own methods and challenges, and a medical office needs to have a name brand recognition within the community where the services are being delivered. There needs to be long term affiliation with the major medical providers as well. These service providers within this industry usually include the local hospitals, pharmacies, and medical rehabilitation businesses. Additional methods of advertising that can be used to gain a market presence within this specialty market include print, and online resources. Advertise the strong points of the business and how your medical care differs from others. The office itself needs to be run effectively, the medical business needs to be known and recognized in the local community, and the quality of product delivered needs to be above average.


Good Management

The medical facility needs to be run well. This means that patients do not wait excessively in the waiting area, and the staff is pleasant and supportive. The insurance filing services for the patients need to be of above average quality. The insurance claims filed for the incoming patients need to be processed quickly for them. Certain insurance plans are quick and easy to process, while other insurance companies are often difficult to work with or do not pay their claims easily. Deciding which insurance companies to work with may make a significant difference. Income for the practice can increase when nonpaying plans are dropped.



The office location for any type of medical industry business needs to be easy to access, and easy to find. Having an office location right off of a major road is important. Locations that are adjacent to major hospitals can be worth their office rent. Signage is important, and each patient should have a card or brochure upon leaving the office. An Internet presence is important today, and this presence is particularly important for the younger patients. Referrals frequently come from patients who are impressed with an office location or an office image, and new market areas are more accessible when the name of the medical group is already known and trusted. Use this kind of advertising by having patient testimonials available to see on your website. Additional products and services can be added on to any type of health care practice.


Quality Of Product

Nothing says quality better than an outstanding product or service. The quality of product for any health care group needs to be above average. The recent changes in the health care industry have made sure that competitors are aware of every other type of service similar to theirs. The medical industry is creating certain competition that can be productive if the necessary upgrades are included for a medical practice on an ongoing basis. The patient services should be on time, and the appointments offered need to be available for most standard patients. Appointment times are frequently the determining factors for new patients or for patients who live further away from a medical facility. Follow up for each new patient and returning patient is important. Calling after each appointment can create a long term relationship with a current patient, and current patients create new referrals through word of mouth. Practice hours are important for new and recurring patients as commute times can be significant issues for some patients who live further away from the office location.


Medical marketing includes good management strategy, deterring new competitors, and increasing income for an ongoing business. Addiction treatment marketing uses similar strategies. Advertising for addiction centers can incorporate networking and product upgrades as well. Take a good look at what unique services you offer and use them to your advantage when advertising. It won’t take long before you are an expert in the community and are getting much more business than you previously had.