The Health Benefits of Playing Golf

With its relaxing ambiance and calming atmosphere, it is easy to understand why golf has become a favorite pastime for many. From retirees to young professionals, this sport knows no age nor gender. What’s more comforting to know is the fact that while you are enjoying how you have perfected your swing, you are also doing yourself a favor by incorporating such healthy habit into your lifestyle. If you’re already a big fan of golf you’ll be even more glad to know about these reasons why golfing is good for your health.

Lowers Cholesterol
Did you know that a single game of golf can burn up to a thousand calories? A study conducted by Neil Wolkodoff of the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences shows roughly how many calories are burned in playing a 9-hole golf course. You can burn up to 721 calories just by walking and carrying your bag. By using a pull cart, you can burn 718 calories and walking with a caddie burns 613 calories. Play it at least three to four times a week and you’ll find yourself engaging in a serious yet fun much-needed exercise. Golf is great way to stay in shape and burn off excess fat. So the next time you want to spend the day in a couch in front of the TV, get up, go out, and grab your golf club instead.

Good for the Heart
While you are burning calories, you are also taking care of your heart. Burning 2,500 calories a week can greatly reduce the risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. And you can easily achieve this through golf. It’s an excellent cardiovascular exercise that gets the blood flowing and increase your heart rate. Look around the golf course, that’s a really huge and lovely arena to walk around, isn’t it? Walking an average course during a game can be as much as covering four kilometers. Walking for 18 holes is often the equivalent of walking 3-to-4 miles. This is an activity that gets the heart going and the blood pumping. Take it a notch higher by pulling your clubs and carrying them as this can burn you even more calories, therefore contributing better to your heart’s health.

A weeklong of juggling work and personal issues can drain you down and create stress that will leave you longing to unwind. If you are a golfer, you instantly have a sure refuge to get rid of the stress. Like other physical activities, golf releases the powerful, natural, and mood-enhancing drugs, endorphins. The fresh breeze and open atmosphere help alleviate stress. Plus, it helps to be in an environment where you can socialize with people who you share the same interest with. For a moment, forget about your deadlines and challenge your good ole pal to a round of golf to de-stress.

Sharpens the Mind
What many might not be aware of is that golf is not only physically stimulating, but also mentally challenging. You cannot expect to shoot the the ball without thinking of where to aim it at. From the fundamentals of the grip to the swinging of the club to understanding each hole’s positioning, this sport undoubtedly demands focus and concentration. It constantly challenges the mind to visualize, coordinate, and strategize. Likewise, it also tests a player’s ability to keep one’s cool whenever a well-planned shot is missed. Allow yourself to learn with each game. Explore, study, and even try using helpful equipment and gear like Lamkin Golf Grips to help enhance and develop your techniques. Always find ways to better enjoy your golfing experience to fully benefit from it.