More Cash for Test Strips Review

More Cash for Test Strips Review

Has it crossed your mind about selling your old testers? Yeah, perhaps you’ve thought about that, but you don’t just know where to sell them. 

Maybe the idea never hit you because you’re more used to throwing away your unused diabetic test strips or diabetic supplies after the doctor prescribed something new.

Yes, that can be pretty painful because you’ll be wasting those test strips for the new ones. 

But, guess what? You can change all that because they are a website you can sell your unused diabetic supplies.

Yeah, you heard that right. This article is an in-depth review of Morecashforteststrips, a highly-vetted website that buys all kinds of test strips and diabetic supplies, so you’ll know just where to look when you want to sell your unused test strips for cash.

What is Morecashforteststrips?

More cash for test strips is a reliable website that allows anyone to sell unwanted test strips and diabetic supplies. 

With this website’s help, you don’t have to count your losses from unused diabetic supplies after a prescription change. Instead, what you get is an opportunity to make some cash by reselling them.

Morecashforteststrips makes it a win-win situation for everyone. You selling the strips get to make some cash instead of nothing if you’ve discarded them off in the waste bin and for patients who don’t have enough money to purchase these supplies elsewhere.

Are you wondering the kinds of test strips or diabetic supplies they accept? You can sell various brands of test strips to Morecashforteststrips. Unlike some other websites, it makes diverse brands accessible to patients at the lowest price possible.

We like that this website doesn’t place its core focus on popular brands and allows one to sell other new brands. 

Is it a legitimate place to sell diabetic supplies?

Morecashforteststrips is a legitimate website to sell any diabetic supplies, owning that the company has an A+ rating on BBB and a 5-star rating on Trust Pilot. 

Asides from that, the website makes the whole process of selling your unwanted test strips to receiving your cash very straightforward and effortless.

They have dedicated round-the-clock customer support that provides answers to any inquiries or challenges during the entire time.

It is a legitimate website because it boldly lays out all the terms and conditions in selling them test strips and diabetic supplies and the time to expect your payout.

How does it work?

As earlier mentioned, Morecashforteststrips makes the whole process of selling and receiving cash simple and straightforward.

  • All you have to do is inspect the test strips you want to sell to make sure they are not damaged because all supplies must be factory sealed.
  • Once you’ve inspect the test strips or diabetic supplies, fill out the form provided correctly.
  • Take the package or supplies to the nearest post office in your region.
  • You will get your cash via PayPal or business check within one business day

Morecashforteststrips – What the website don’t accept

Although Morecashforteststrips is a website that will pay you cash for your unused test strips, the website does have some guidelines regarding supplies they do accept.

  • You’ll have to make sure that the strips or supplies are not in bad shape
  • The test strips or diabetic supplies must not be below 7 months of expiration date
  • Morecashforteststrips do not accept expired products

If you’ve checked for these guidelines and your unused test strips don’t have any of the outlined issues, then you can sell them to Morecashforteststrips and get cash for them.  


In our humble opinion, Morecashforteststrip is the most reliable website to sell your unused test strips and diabetic supplies instead of discarding them off in the waste bin. 

Plus, they make everything simple and effortless with no hurdles in the entire process, from sending your package to receiving your cash.

So, why get rid of these test strips just because your pharmacist or doctor gave another prescription. 

You’ll not only be saving money but also saving a patient by selling your unused diabetic supplies and test strips.