Why Running Shoes Are Bad For You – Why Vibram Five Fingers Can Help


Physical exercise in a person’s daily life is essential and running is a highly beneficial one, especially to improve your cardiovascular health. It not only keeps the body fit but also has a great contribution to agility. So for all of those people who are thinking of taking their movement practice to the next level and improving it, this blog is specially curated for you.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a high-tech, super-cushioned running shoe. In fact, studies have shown that running without any shoes enhances a person’s performance and prevents injury as compared to some of the leading running shoes.

Of course, a person can’t go out in public spaces to run barefoot because of the fear of getting injured by things such as nails, needles, and razor blades. However, a good but minimalist running shoe can be a nice compromise. Thus, in the information provided in the blog below, we will look at some of the new types of minimalist running gear, which reduce the risk of injury.

Why Are Minimalist Shoes Better?

As soon as barefoot running started to get popular due to the famous TED Talk, minimalist shoes have very quickly become a favorite of athletes. The main idea behind such minimalist shoes is that they allow and promote the natural movement of your foot while also providing some protection and safety to the soles.

Here, we discuss some of the benefits that come with the use of minimalist shoes:

  • Wearing Minimalist Shoes Strengthens Calves and Achilles Heels:

Wearing a standard running shoe discourages the natural movement of a person’s foot which can lead to adverse problems in the future. The human foot evolved to roll from the outside of the foot to the inside of the foot to cushion the impact of the foot against the ground.

The standard running shoes promote a sort of rocking motion from the back to the front instead. Minimalist running shoes support the midfoot strike, allow natural movement, and strengthen the muscles of the feet, calves, and Achilles.

  • Provides A Greater Awareness of The Feet:

It becomes a lot easier to gauge the movement of the foot and to feel the terrain that you’re running on when your feet are moving more naturally.

You can greatly understand the functions of your body and learn how to place your feet carefully in the absence of cushions and support. This will give you an idea about how to improve your performance overall.

  • Posture Improves:

Correct posture and form are essential when it comes to running. Minimalist shoes also improve a runner’s posture because they place the heel and the forefoot at the same level.

This is not possible if you opt for using traditional shoes used for running as the heels are placed above the foot, which can cause hip and back problems for you in the future.

  • Reduces the risk of injuries:

Minimalist shoes correct your posture to a great extent. With improvement in your muscle strength, form, and posture, you can significantly decrease the risk of various injuries and improve muscle health. Although many new inventions are helpful, don’t hurt yourself trying to technologically innovate away millions of years of evolution. Instead, use your body as it was intended to be used naturally.

How Can Vibram Five Fingers Help? 

Vibram Five Finger Shoes are specially created and designed to simulate barefoot running. Marketed as “Shoe Gloves,” this footwear splays the toes and uses a nice, minimalist sole so that you can easily feel your feet as they make contact with the terrain you’re walking or running on.

They are used to prevent injuries and also to strengthen the muscles that are present in your feet and lower legs. By giving your feet more strength, Vibram Five Fingers improves your stability, agility, and speed.

They increase the range of motion in various parts of your foot like ankles and toes. They’re also greatly used to improve your balance and properly align your spine. You can check out the Vibram Five Fingers collection now by following this link.


It is time for you to get all these benefits by ditching the running footwear that you normally use and replacing it with a more minimalist approach.

I highly recommend the Vibram Five Fingers, but if that’s too strange and weird for you, Altra running shoes are somewhat minimalist as well. They get rid of the height difference that is between the heel and toe, and they are specifically designed to allow natural flexibility and movement while also coming with a rock plate that provides protection from stones underfoot. They are not quite barefoot running shoes, but they’re the next best thing if you don’t like the Vibram Five Fingers approach.