Most Effective Testosterone Therapy for Men and Women

Testosterone replacement therapy is no longer talked about in hushed tones or gym locker rooms. TRT is out in the open so that every adult with testosterone deficiency can find the answers and get the help they seek. While your family doctor may not know much about testosterone (or other forms of hormone therapy), some practitioners do. Hormone replacement therapy specialists are the best medical professionals to contact about effective testosterone therapy.

After all, you would want to speak to a specialist if you have gastrointestinal problems, require surgery, or have concerns about your skin. Why wouldn’t you want the best-trained doctor to provide you with the most effective testosterone replacement therapy?

You may be surprised to hear this, but women need testosterone therapy just as much as men. Testosterone is not only a male sex hormone. Every adult needs testosterone to help maintain:

  • Strong bones
  • Energy
  • Proper metabolic functions
  • Red blood cell production
  • Cognitive processes
  • Heart health
  • Sex drive and functions

Without enough testosterone, you could suffer from anemia, osteoporosis, dementia, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. These are just some of the issues that could occur with Low T. It has never been more critical than now to seek out the best type of testosterone therapy for your needs. We are living longer, and hormone levels are declining lower. TRT is a personalized form of hormone replacement treatment. It gives your body the precise testosterone dosage it needs for hormonal balance.

What Form of Testosterone Therapy is Most Effective for Men?

If you are a male over age thirty, you have probably stopped to listen to those commercials about Low T on your car radio. For anyone thinking “that sounds like me,” we say what are you waiting for? Now is the time for action. The most effective testosterone therapy for you is the one prescribed by a hormone specialist for your body’s needs.

Depending on the dosage of testosterone, you may do better with injectable testosterone over skin patches or gels. In fact, more men today opt for testosterone cypionate injections for the following reasons:

  • Injectable testosterone is the most effective form of TRT you can find. Since you are injecting testosterone deep into the muscle, it is readily absorbed into the bloodstream for your body to use. Due to the longer half-life of testosterone cypionate, you will likely administer shots only once every 10 to 14 days. Testosterone cypionate injections are also the lowest priced option for testosterone therapy.


  • After that, the most effective testosterone replacement therapy for men is testosterone enanthate injections. With a shorter half-life, these shots are typically administered once a week. The effectiveness is the same; only the cost is a little higher due to more frequent use.


  • Testosterone in the form of skin patches or gels are effective, but their level of effectiveness is questionable. Why? Because the testosterone requires initial absorption through the skin, there is no way of knowing how much makes it through to the bloodstream. Results will likely take a bit longer. Side effects for skin reactions and cross-contamination for others are possible. The cost of these treatments is also much higher than injectable testosterone.

What Type of Testosterone Therapy is Best for Women?

Women rarely receive injectable testosterone for the treatment of Low T. Since female testosterone levels are already much lower than those of a male, even at their highest point, the required dosage is lower, as well. The hormone doctor will calculate each woman’s necessary dosage, and the compounding pharmacy will produce it to those specifications.

Why is testosterone therapy effective for women?

Testosterone replacement therapy helps to balance a woman’s hormone levels. Since the body converts some of its free testosterone into estradiol, TRT safely boosts estrogen levels. For women who should not have their estrogen increased, the doctor will prescribe an estrogen blocker so that safe testosterone therapy can still be effective.

Women need testosterone for the following reasons:

  • To fuel their sexual desire
  • Maintain vaginal lubrication
  • Strengthen their bones
  • Support proper metabolism
  • Produce red blood cells
  • Enhance brain functions
  • Improve heart health

How to Get Safe, Effective Testosterone Therapy

We mentioned the importance of seeking the expertise of a trained hormone specialist. That does not mean having to wait months for a local doctor to have an appointment opening – or paying the hefty specialist fees. You can get the most effective testosterone therapy right away by contacting our hormone clinic for a free consultation. That is right – there is no charge or obligation, and the consultation is strictly confidential. You choose the time and place for this telephone discussion about your health and hormone concerns.

If hormonal imbalance is a possibility, we will then send you for local blood testing and physical examination. The required medical forms are accessible right here on our website for you to complete. Once we receive all these results, one of our professional hormone doctors reviews the file and determines the appropriate treatment.