Natural Sleep Aids That Will Give You the Best Night of Sleep Ever!

It’s no secret that people today maintain a busy lifestyle and one riddled with stress. To keep all the balls we are juggling in the air, we often give up sleep. And, when we do lie down to try and get a good night’s rest, we can find ourselves staring at the ceiling or tossing and turning for hours. The National Sleep Foundation reports 30-40 percent of American adults claim they have occasional insomnia and 10-15 percent say they always have trouble sleeping.

Insomnia leads a lot of people to their doctors and to prescription sleep aids, like Lunesta or Ambien. But, these come with side effects that are really unpleasant for a lot of people like addiction such as opiate abuse. Before going down that road, it is better to went into a center for opiate abuse treatment or try some natural remedies.

Valerian Root

This is going to be one of the most recommended natural sleep aids. It is popular because it works. In fact, it has been used to treat sleep issues since ancient times. However, research on its efficacy in treating insomnia has delivered mixed results. But, studies have linked it to the improvement of deep sleep, time spent falling asleep, and general quality of sleep.

Be cautious because it actually energizes ten percent of the people who take it. In that case, it may be a good supplement to use during the day.

It is most effective when you use is over a long period. You need to be patient because it may take weeks for you to get the full effect. As with any sleep aid, speak to your doctor before taking it.

Warm Milk

This is another sleep aid that dates back a considerable amount of time, and it may be that psychological association with the tradition of a glass of warm milk that makes it effective. Some think it’s effectiveness is the result of tryptophan, the same element in turkey that people associate with getting sleepy after eating it. But. The levels in milk are too low to truly trigger sleepiness.

For most people, the warmth is relaxing and soothing, which allows them to let go of physical and mental stress from their day. Plus, using it nightly becomes part of a sleep routine, or sleep hygiene.

As an alternative, consider drinking warm almond milk, which is an excellent source of calcium—the mineral that help your brain make melatonin.


This hormone is used to assist in the regulation of the sleep/wake cycle. It helps set the pace that controls the timing of sleep and the drive for it. It makes you drowsy, causes your body temperature to lower, and puts your body in sleep mode.

Research on the use of melatonin is varied. Some studies show it is not helpful for people with insomnia and others indicate it improves and restore sleep for those with insomnia.

You will want to consult a doctor before taking it because it often is not pure in supplement form. However, you can get around that by concentrating on eating more foods that boost the production of melatonin. Cherries, like milk, contain tryptophan, which metabolizes into serotonin and melatonin. Bananas also contain tryptophan, plus muscle relaxants potassium and magnesium. Try eating these fruits nightly before bed and see if you get results.

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