New Diet, New You: 8 Best Diets for Men Looking to Lose Weight

Men have it a little easier than women with it comes to weight loss. They lose an average of 4 pounds more than females do when following the same diet. 

This is due to males having a higher metabolic rate. Their bodies are also different in the way that they store fat. This allows them to better target hard to reach areas. 

Making healthier eating choices can help fight belly fat, but which diet plan is best for your lifestyle? 

Read on for the eight best diets for men to help meet your weight loss goals.  

1. The Low Cal Diet, with Smaller Meals 

Most diet goals don’t make it past the one week mark. One of the main reasons for diet failure is hunger, which leads to overeating. 

Eating six small meals a day will help to keep your appetite satisfied. This also lets you make healthier food choices.

Choosing foods high in protein and fiber will also keep you feeling fuller for longer. Eating small meals is the most effective diet for keeping your metabolism burning. 

It’s best to limit each meal to 300 calories to avoid overeating. This includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus 3 high-nutritional snacks throughout the day.  

2. The DASH Diet 

This diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It can also get called the best diet in the world for those with high blood pressure. 

It focuses on foods high in vitamins and nutrients that help to stabilize blood pressure, as well as promoting a healthier heart, bones, and blood sugar levels. 

The diet consists of smaller sized portions with lean proteins and low-fat dairy. You’ll also eat tons of fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains for fiber. 

This diet recommends avoiding sugar, salt, and saturated fat. It aims for between 1,500 and 2,300 mg of sodium per day. 

You’ll also want to limit alcohol intake on the DASH diet. Sugar and alcohol can have a negative effect on your testosterone levels. So, it’s a good idea for men to limit these from their diet anyway.  

3. The Keto Diet

Keto is one of the most popular diets for producing fast results. It works by putting the body into a state of ketosis. This happens when carbs get eliminated to cause the body to use fat stores for energy. 

It focuses on high-fat and protein intake, allowing men to eat many of their favorite foods. This includes bacon and burgers, but without the bun. 

The Keto diet is also good for muscle building and getting more endurance for workouts. It also uses supplements and shakes for helping your body enter into ketosis. 

Keto dieters get to enjoy chili, steaks, and even butter. The diet doesn’t allow carbs, but you can use lettuce wraps instead of bread or tortillas. Check out this helpful guide for more details on how the Keto diet can help you shed pounds. 

4. The Volumetrics Diet

This diet focuses on the energy density of every food you consume. The idea is that foods in higher energy density will provide you with more calories. But they will also offer you less nutrition. 

The diet works by giving you the most amount of nutrition, with the least amount of calories. This way you choose the right foods to fill up on for each meal.   

Volumetrics categorizes all foods based on energy density. You’re free to eat as many non-starchy veggies and fruits as you want. You also get to fill up on hearty soups with a broth-base. 

Yet, you’ll need to avoid foods high in fat. You also get to eat a small dessert every day. So, this a good diet for those with a sweet tooth. 

5. The TLC Diet 

The TLC diet, or Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes diet, places focus on heart health. It does this by removing bad (LDL) cholesterol from your diet. The diet involves lowering your daily intake to 1,600 calories to help lose weight.  

You’ll need to limit saturated fat and dairy products on this diet. The diet includes healthy fats, like avocados and nuts. You’ll also need to fill up on lean proteins, fruit, and vegetables. 

This diet also recommends careful cooking preparation. This means it’s better to steam or boil your food, rather than sautee with fatty oils. Some carbs are okay, but stick to whole grains when you can. 

6. The Paleo Diet

This diet goes back to caveman times, letting you eat foods that got hunted and gathered. Paleo is one of the best diets for men who are able to cut out processed foods. You can eat limited carbs, yet it’s not as strict as Keto. 

You also need to avoid beans and dairy products, but the diet focuses on large protein intake to help lose weight. Eating foods high in protein also helps to build more muscle.  

The diet recommends foods high in nutrients for sustainable energy. Think nuts, seeds, lean proteins, fruits, and veggies. Consuming these foods will also keep your skin and hair healthy. 

7. The Nutrisystem Diet Plan 

The Nutrisystem plan is great for those looking for a convenient and easy to follow diet. This weight loss program can deliver big results in the first month.  

The system delivers pre-packed meals right to your door. Each meal helps you to limit calories and practice portion control.  

This way you don’t have to worry about meal prepping or planning. It also takes all the guesswork out of what to eat and how much.  

The best diets for men help maintain a healthy lifestyle while being sensitive to a budget. The actual cost of daily meal plans is around $10 per day. So, this may end up being more affordable than doing your own grocery shopping. 

8. The Flexitarian Diet

Flexitarian is one of the best diet plans for those wanting a less intense meal plan than veganism. 

It works great for those who enjoy a plant-based diet. Yet you can still eat meat and fish in moderation.

With this diet, you’ll get your fiber and protein from legumes, ancient grains, nuts, and tofu. Most meals will need to be high in natural whole foods, like fruits and vegetables. 

Meeting Your Weight Loss Goals with the Best Diets for Men

The best diets for men allow you to fill up on healthy foods while providing nutrition and energy. Yet, your weight loss plan should also include a consistent exercise routine. This will help you to burn fat and strengthen your muscles. 

For best results, your routine should consist of cardio, conditioning, and strength training. Here are 15 quick and easy fitness tips to get you started.