No Pills, No Surgery: A Guide to the Best Pain Reliever for Back Pain

According to the American Chiropractic Association, it’s estimated that around 80% of the population will experience some form of back pain throughout their lives.

You’d think that a condition as widespread as back pain would have more mainstream treatments available, but a lot of people find themselves limited in what they can do. 

Surgery and painkillers are some of the most common recommendations for back pain, but each method comes with its unique risks.

If you’re looking for the best pain reliever for back pain that doesn’t come from medication or an invasive procedure, you’re in luck. Keep reading if you want to learn how to control your back pain.

1. Maintain Proper Posture

Balance is important when you’re dealing with all aspects of health, and this is especially true for people with back pain problems.

Starecta was made to help people maintain balance starting from the head down, and there are things you can do to help maintain proper balance in all parts of your body.

When you’re dealing with intense back pain, your posture is everything. Maintaining a proper posture throughout your daily activities can do wonders for improving any back pain you’re experiencing.

When you’re participating in physical activities like playing sports, working a physically demanding job, or managing a lot of repetitive movements, pay attention to your posture. Avoid slouching as much as you can, and make it a point to keep your spine straight and erect.

When you’re lifting, always make sure to bend from your knees and not at your waist. If you need to twist, move your hips from side to side. Relying on your back muscles for too long can cause problems.

Having a proper posture when you’re sitting is very important, and can do a lot to relieve any lower back pain you’re experiencing. People with desk jobs should keep their feet firmly planted on the door and try to use a chair that provides plenty of lower back support. You should also avoid hunching forward to see your screen or reaching far to access your keyboard and mouse.

2. Utilize Ice and Heat

There’s something to be said about the power of temperatures when you’re dealing with back pain.

Ice and heat can be powerful tools against combating back pain, but they’ll only be helpful if you can use them at the right time and instance. 

If you’ve recently experienced a back injury, ice can help dramatically when you’re dealing with pain and swelling. Be sure to use a good icepack in the first 24-72 hours of your injury.

People that are dealing with tight muscles or stress should consider using heat to treat their discomfort. Heat can be especially helpful for people that have problems with lower back pain.

Regardless of if you’re using heat or ice, be sure to limit your temperature treatment sessions to around 20 minutes. You won’t want to accidentally damage your skin from overuse! 

3. Wear the Right Shoes

High heels, flats, and even some flashy sneakers can look great, but they can also be absolutely awful for people with back pain.

Improper shoes can put too much pressure on your lower spine to keep you upright and balanced. Some of your favorite shoe styles could be worsening your back pain.

You’re not going to develop severe back pain issues because you decided to wear a pair of flip flops or flats for a day, but wearing improper shoes over time can be detrimental.

Comfortable footwear with proper arch support can improve your overall posture, increase stability, and decrease your risk of lower back pain. Make sure that you’re wearing the right shoes for every activity you participate in. You should also consider getting special orthotic inserts for your shoes if you experience back pain.

4. Sleep Better

We know that sleep can be hard to come by when you have severe back pain. Sometimes, you could even feel worse after what was supposed to have been a good night’s rest.

A bad sleep position can do a lot of harm to your already damaged back. Take a little time to reposition yourself correctly before you fall asleep to diminish some of your discomfort.

Consider lying on your side and placing a pillow between your knees to keep your spin in a neutral, relaxed position. This can help relieve strain on your back.

Mattress firmness can also do a lot to help any sleep discomfort you may feel. Having something that’s a little more sturdy can help you find the right position and sleep more comfortably.

5. Maintain a Healthy Weight

When you’re already experiencing back pain, putting extra weight on your muscles and bones won’t do much good.

Being overweight can put a lot of strain on your body. If you’re having issues with back pain, you should consider finding ways to lose weight.

Rigorous exercise may not be ideal for you if you’re already experiencing body pain, but luckily, you don’t need to hit the gym hard to start dropping pounds.

If you’re trying to lose weight, the best place to start is your diet. Think about how many calories you consume each day and find ways to eat healthier. 

You may not be able to lift heavy weights and run for miles, but there are still ways for you to lose weight through physical activity. Take regular walks, and consider low impact exercises like swimming to help you shed pounds.

Get Healthy Today with the Best Pain Reliever for Back Pain

Finding the best pain reliever for back pain can come from making simple lifestyle changes. If you eat better, stay active, wear the right shoes, and pay attention to how you sleep and sit, you could do a lot to help manage your pain!

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