Occupational Medicine and What You Need to Know

There are a number of people that are impacted by workplace injuries. The need to get back to work is immense for a number of these individuals as their compensation checks could run out or simply are not enough for their families. Occupational medicine is specialized to help a person get back to work and help them prevent additional injuries.

For those medical practices or locations that add OccMed to urgent care, there is quite a bit of additional revenue to be made. A number of medical practices see a decline in patients during seasons where flu is uncommon.

While these doctors and medical professionals still see patients, the volume decreases leading to a lull in revenue. The following are things that you need to know about occupational medicine and those that work in this specialty, such as the dedicated professionals providing occupational therapy in Townsville

Walking Through a Job Location Can Help Immensely

Taking the time to go to the location where a patient works can give you a full understanding of what they are expected to do daily. This can also be a great way to assess the actual risks of a job. The patient might not be as forthcoming about the risks if they desire to get back to work as soon as possible. 

Restrictions need to be put into place for some individuals that can return to work but at a limited capacity. Some occupations require less than others which is why it is important to visit each work site. A person with the same title might be required to do far less physical work than at another company. 

Return to Work Exams Are a Necessity 

There should be a checklist for a return to work exam that needs to be put together. After you have visited a job location and understand what it requires physically, this exam can be put together.

Working with the patient is imperative during this process as they can easily set goals if they understand the exam requirements. Some patients might try to minimize pain in order to be cleared to go back to work. Mental exams can be a requirement if there was a head injury that could have impaired decision making or other cognitive functions. 

Occupational Medicine is Consistent Throughout the Year 

People are injured frequently on the job regardless of the time of year. There could be an increase in slips in the winter or falls from roofs in the summer. People need to be cared for and made sure that they are in the condition to continue to work in a safe manner.

Occupational medicine can be a rewarding career as it helps empower someone in their life again and to regain a form of independence. 

Occupational medicine is going to grow in the number of medical businesses that offer this. For those looking into this as a career, this sector of healthcare is going to stay steady for years to come. Nothing can replace the human touch of motivating a patient to take their rehab to the next level to expedite their recovery.