Outstanding Lingerie And Foundation Garments To Own In 2019

If you are on the hunt for the
newest and best lingerie and foundation garments to own this year, then look no
further. We have all the latest news on recent innovations in undergarments and
lingerie as well as essential foundation corsetry. Make 2019 the year where you
reclaim what’s under your clothes and start treating your undergarments as
important as the items you wear on top.

Ready To Set Your Delicates Drawer Alight

Think flowery, lacey, and
ethereal. If you don’t need a ton of support in your bust area, then you can
include bras in this new trend for yourself. Even if you want to keep your top
half under control with a sports bra during the day, you can still wear the new
ultra femme lingerie at night. To stay on point with this look, keep your
undergarments delicate, wispy, and pastel. Scalloped edges and flower cutouts
that harken back to the days of silk and satin in sugar sweet colors are in for


Working on the perfect hourglass
figure is back with a vengeance. Waist trainers were an essential foundation
garment for both day and nighttime dressing in the past. They have had a huge
resurgence in popularity with some of the biggest names in entertainment and
beauty owning up to their daily use.

They are most important to combat
bad posture, post-binge pooch tummy, and water retention premenstrual bloat. In
2019, waist trainers are going to be routinely found in every lingerie drawer
around the world. If you want more information about waist training, you can
find everything you need to know at Corset HQ.

Entire Spectrum of Nudes

Lingerie manufacturers and
designers have finally realized that skin tones come in more variations than
three basic shades. The trend for this year is to find the perfect nude tone
that matches your skin closely. Keep your eyes open for inclusive ranges and
brands that have branched out to natural nude tones that go from palest cream
to deep, dark ochres and coppers.

Because its Sports, Doesn’t Mean it Has to be Ugly

Athleisure wear is expanding its
influence into the lingerie arena. This means that you can look forward to
sports bras becoming functional and pretty at the same time. It will still
offer the same support, but you can extend your clothing choices to include
strapless, mélange fabrics, subtle mesh details, and femme elasticated bands.

Strappy Straps

Straps are still big news in bras
and panties. They can be integrated into the design, used to enhance a cut-out
side detail, or just add an extra dimension of support to the shoulder band.
Whenever a strap appears more than once, you can be sure that the lingerie you
are wearing is placing your undergarment firmly in fashion.

Whether you are choosing your lingerie
for functionality or fashion, you will find something flirty and fun in our
list for you to wear this year.