Paid Clinical Trials – What You Need to Know

Clinical trials involve the research of new medicines with the aim of developing potential cures and treatments. Paid clinical trials are typically conducted through the assistance and participation of medical trial volunteers who are paid for their services. Before obtaining a license for new medicine, any pharmaceutical company that is seeking to produce new medicine is required to first carry out some research into the medicine. It is common for pharmaceutical companies today to commission independent clinical research organizations to carry out the medical research that is required.

Paid clinical trials research involves the recruitment of healthy volunteers who participate in clinical trials. Such clinical trials are conducted within a hospital environment for purposes of ensuring that it is possible to closely monitor the effects of the medicine. The type of medicine being researched is the determining factor on whether or not a medical trial volunteer is suitable for participating in the clinical trial. In order to examine the health and well being of the volunteer, the paid clinical trial researchers will ask for the consent of the volunteer in contacting their family doctor, as well as invite the volunteer for a screening visit before they take part.

During the screening visit, the medical history of the volunteer is taken, while their heart activity (ECG) and blood pressure are measured. Thereafter, a small sample of urine and blood is taken to ensure that the kidneys and liver of the volunteer are functioning properly. The screening visit is quite similar to what one would undergo during a full medical examination by their GP. Once the volunteer passes the medical check, they may be invited to return for the clinical trial which is typically 3 days to a week after the screening visit. Every trial is different; therefore the individual requirements for each volunteer will vary. During the trial, the volunteer is supervised by the staff of the research organization who are responsible for ensuring that their well being is taken care of while there.

As part of the paid clinical trial, the healthy volunteers will be given the new medicine. The clinical trial is designed to test the following:

  • The amount of time it will take the body to absorb and thereafter get rid of the medicine

  • The interaction between the medicine and food as well as how it interacts with other medication

  • The amount of medicine that can be taken without resulting in undesirable side effects

Once the volunteer has taken the study medication, their blood sample will be collected for analysis. A variety of other tests may also be performed on the volunteer including measuring their temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. Such tests are designed to determine the effect that the medication is having on the body of the volunteer. Because the health of the volunteer is very important to the clinical trial, they will be very closely monitored during its duration. In order to ensure accurate results, as well as for safety reason, the full cooperation of the volunteer is required.

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