Pneumatic Tubes Free Up Hospital Staff to Provide Better Care

Everyone is familiar with the pneumatic tube system. We use it at banks and sometimes at the pharmacy as something commonplace and convenient. Pneumatic tubes were invented in the early 19th Century, but have been widely used in banks since the 1990’s. 

These tube systems are easy to install and save tons of time and manpower and there’s no reason why the majority should be relegated only to banks and pharmacies. There may be a myriad of alternative uses for the pneumatic tube, but one of the most significant uses could be for hospitals. 

Particularly amid the staffing shortages and added safeguards and other work brought on by the COVID pandemic, hospitals have been struggling to get everything done and to provide the best care possible for every patient every time. 

One thing that tends to be the most inefficient and time consuming in day to day hospital operations is that of transport of things like blood, labs, and pharmaceutical drugs. These transports take up hours of time and they use up staff that is desperately needed elsewhere using their skills and expertises for things other than courier work. 

Pneumatic tubes can resolve this issue to a very large degree.  Pneumatic tubes can be installed inside the walls of the hospital and can connect every point for transport that will never take longer than a few minutes. Pneumatic tubes free up time, staff, and bring efficiency to a task that is still being performed by an antiquated method.

Medical Facilities Need Operational Technology More Than Ever
Source: Swisslog Healthcare