Private Rehab: preparing for residential care

People may need to move into residential care for a number of reasons. Whatever the cause, the move can sometimes be difficult, for both practical and emotional reasons, for everyone involved.

Usually, the reason for such a move is to make sure supervision can occur 24 hours a day seven days a week or to ensure the person’s life quality is improved and there is contact with other people for anyone who may have become isolated. Residential care is on occasion the only option.

Planning the future move for everyone involved is essential.

There may be questions about the person’s mental capacity to decide the move for themselves, but whatever the situation that person’s views should be included in the decision-making process.

Being positive about the move and its benefits for the person will help make the transition more acceptable. People should be given as much choice as possible, and they should be able to feel they have at least some control.

If you are a friend or relative this can be a very difficult time. Many people might have devoted years to caring for the person who is going into residential care and so may need help to cope with feelings of “losing” their charges. A way may need to be found for caring roles to be continued in partnership with the care home in addition to the development of other interests to fill the time.

On the day itself

On the day of moving into residential care, there may be reluctance on the part of the person. If this happens efforts will need to be made in an attempt to reduce anxieties. To avoid any potential conflicts plan in advance.

If necessary carers could explain that the move is just a trial and that after a settling in period the situation will be reviewed. Some families approach similar issues by organizing short ‘respite’ stays beforehand.

At the Banyans, when it comes to Private Rehab, we are proud to be seen as Australia’s medically-based health retreat setting the gold standard for private rehab. We find that most people only take a brief time to feel safe and cared for in their new environment.

We are a private treatment center in Brisbane’s outer suburbs in Queensland. What we offer is a multimodal program covering both medical and other therapies.

We have seen many measurable and clinically significant results. Whether a person is suffering from alcohol misuse, illicit drug or prescription medication addiction, or mental health conditions like mood and anxiety disorders, we offer private, therapeutic rehabilitation.

We are also experienced at offering residential care for people with eating disorders, trauma and PTSD, as well as chronic stress and burnout, or relationship breakdowns, and many associated concerns.

The Banyans team is well aware of how important ongoing support is and so we provide discharge reports for continued care.

We are open for inquiries 24/7 and our team can provide support guides, information on our programs, along with referral templates for health professionals, and more.