Pros and Cons of using a Hair Dryer

Hair has always been a mark of beauty. The texture, color, length and thickness are some of the qualities by which people judge healthy hair.  It gives grace and elegance to a woman and if it gets bad treatment, then it can spoil the entire outlook. 

To have healthy looking hair, you got to have a care routine that ensures your mane is outstanding whenever you step out – drying your hair is one of such routines. A hair dryer also known as a blow dryer, is an electrical device that is used to blow hot or warm air to slightly wet hair, in order to dry it and straighten it in the process. It is also used in hairstyling because it allows for lesser use of other styling equipment and products.

Hair styling dates back to many years and the hair care industry have seen the invention of many different products and equipment. There have been debates as to whether it is healthy to blow hot air into your hair, but it is also important to realize that, based on genetical predisposition, people have different kinds of hair structure, thickness and length. And what works for you, may actually not work for the next person. So this does not mean it is bad, it only means that it does not favor you. 

Pros of using hair dryer

Experts do warn about regular hair drying as they say it causes damage to the hair. Let’s have a look at some of the pros of using a hair dryer.

Makes styling easier

Drying your hair using a hair dryer makes it easy to style, unlike when you let it dry out naturally. Hair dryer straightens your hair making it easy to comb, part and fix the desired style on it without battling tangles. It is suitable for thick and curly hair that is prone to tangle after a wash.

They are economical

With a hair dryer at home, you can save on those random trips to the hair salon because hair drying is something you can do at home. If you invest in a good quality hair dryer, you can easily wash and dry your hair at home and save the money you would have otherwise used at the salon for the same service you can do at home.

Saves time

If you have thick hair, the one challenge you may face apart from tangling once hair comes into contact with water, is drying time. It takes quite a while to dry completely when allowed to dry naturally. Hair dryers come in handy and help in drying the hair within a short time leaving it shiny and healthy. 

Cures thick hair

Thick and tangled hair can be difficult to style or even comb through. Using a hair dryer to straighten such hair makes it easy to style. It also detangles hair easily. Apart from de-frizzing, drying your hair also gives you a perfect foundation for using other hair products, that cannot be used in an otherwise wet or tangled hair. 

Cons of using hair dryer

Prolonged use of hair dryer can lead to certain unpleasant reactions like the following: 

Damages hair cells and cuticles

Regular drying, and especially with too much heat may cause a tremendous damage to the hair fibre and damage hair cells and cuticles. This leads to a weakened scalp making the hair to fall off easily. This hair breakage is characterized by whitish appearance on the hair as it loses its vitality. 

It leaves the hair dull

Too much heat on hair will eventually kill its natural color and shine, leaving hair looking thin and dull. It can also sap off the moisture from your hair leaving it dry and brittle, and vulnerable to unnecessary breakage. Prolonged drying using hair dryer also causes weakness in the scalp thus suffocating hair growth. 

Affects your hearing

Overuse of the hair dryer does not only affect your hair and scalp, but also your hearing. It is reported that the sound the dryer produces while in use can be compared to a sound produced by jet engines, and if used over time it may start affecting the hearing organ. Some reports also say it causes constant headaches and advices against it, or if you must, ensure you use low heat to avoid causing damage to the brain cells. 

Using a hair dryer is not bad at all, but overuse of anything can cause damage; the key is to limit its use. The efficiency of this gadget lies is moderate use, as per desire and need. It is an essential device to have at home for those days when you prefer to make your own hair instead of booking an appointment at the salon.