Watch Out! Top 5 Sports That Cause the Most Injuries

Over 80 million Americans are physically active every week. One of the most popular ways to get exercise is by participating in sports.

Unfortunately, injuries frequently occur during athletic competition and exercise. Find out what sport causes the most injuries here.

5. Cheerleading Is a Sport… and It’s Dangerous

Some people don’t think cheerleading is a sport. Regardless of how you feel, cheerleaders are athletic and go through rigorous training and routines.

The most vulnerable areas are the back, ankles, and wrists. Advanced cheerleaders are constantly flipping and jumping. While they may have spotters and safety precautions, accidents and overuse still happen.

You can help prevent these injuries by having your child participate in gymnastics to help sharpen their cheerleading skills, and then they can practice their tricks on gymnastics mats for home.

4. Hockey Faceoff

One of the reasons hockey is so dangerous is because of the heavy contact and ice skates. The speed of collisions is comparable to car crashes.

In hockey, hitting an opponent with heavy force is rewarded. Players who are not ready to engage with physical contact can be seriously injured.

Professional hockey players are often put on the injured list due to the physical nature of the game and schedule. You can prevent injuries by frequently going to Ryde Chiropractic.

3. Kick the Soccer Ball

Soccer is technically a non-contact sport, but try telling that to the participants. Most soccer players will run between six and nine miles a game.

The amount of running doesn’t include collisions and possibly heading the ball.

Heading the ball doesn’t seem dangerous, but it can yield concussions. If a player doesn’t use the proper technique, the blows to the head and neck will become a problem later in life.

2. Are You Ready for Some Football?

Football is an American pastime that has been the most popular sport in the United States for the last two decades.

In recent years, football has taken a hit concerning safety and long-term health effects. Concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) have taken a front seat to the heavy contact sport.

While the safety equipment has improved over the years, officials are still working to figure out how to minimize head injuries. So far, no safety measures have been developed to keep the brain from hitting the inside of the skull.

Since the game of football involves so much physical contact, every part of the body has the potential to be hurt.

1. What Sport Causes the Most Injuries? Basketball

For players of all ages, basketball is the king of injuries. Basketball is another sport that is technically non-contact but still very physical.

The sport requires every body part to move and is played on a wood surface as opposed to grass or turf. The amount of jumping, running, turning, and bending is a perfect recipe for injuries.

For every 1,000 participants, at least seven participants reported injuries in the age range of 15 to 24.

Play Hard and Play Safe

Sports are a fun way to stay healthy and active. Make sure you play hard and practice proper techniques and safety.

Don’t be discouraged knowing what sport causes the most injuries. Just remember to let someone know if you think you’re hurt.

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