Answered: Your Most Burning Questions about Alcohol Detox Centers

How many drinks do you consume in a day? Statistics state that a woman should not have more than one drink while a man cannot have more than two drinks a day. However, if you have constant urge to drink and have absolutely zero control over your drinking habits then I’m afraid to tell you that you are suffering from alcohol use disorder that affects the brain of about 16 million people all around the US.

Alcohol addiction is stated to be one the toughest addictions to recover from. It is a black hole that a person is sucked into which requires immense will power as well as immediate medical attention to get out from. Alcohol consumption is dangerous to the health of individuals. However, stopping this addiction may also translate into a life and death situation as well. Therefore, the inpatient alcohol detox center is designed in such a way that constant medical attention and effective medication is provided to all alcohol addicts despite the symptoms being mild in order to detoxify them.

Many people get addicted to alcohol due to its ability to intoxicate one which provides them with immense pleasure. The one drink translates into two and before you know it you begin developing an uncontrollable urge to keep drinking, worrying for your next drink and so on.

This alcohol consumption messes with the neurotransmitters in the brain. This means that once the beer bottle is taken away from the addict, this triggers anxiety, depression and even worse as suicidal thoughts in their brains. One the dose of alcohol is given; they then seem to relax again. Therefore, dealing with alcohol addicts requires constant supervision.

Once that drink is taken away from the addict’s hands, the systems begin to reveal themselves within two hours. These symptoms include sweating, anxiety, and shakiness. However, these indicators are considered mild. On the other hand, much harder addicts may suffer from further worse symptoms which include seizures and delirium tremens. Those who are unaware about DT, this triggers the heartbeat and confusion in the addict, also increasing the body temperature resulting in fever.

DT indicators can be so complicated that withdrawing alcohol can actually result in death. This is where inpatient alcohol detox centers come in. They provide a safe environment for their patients. They not only provide medications but constant supervision to all those suffering from this nasty addiction.

Other severe symptoms of alcohol withdrawal also include high blood pressure, sweating, depression, low-grade fever and what is worse is the fact that the symptoms can prolong as long as a week which is immensely life-threatening. Hence, the Alcohol detox program makes their top priority to provide patients with supervision and immense care so that they are able to successfully release alcohol addiction from patients. They make sure that the patient is comfortable and cared for. Moreover, the program is designed in such a way that provides safety, comfort, and medication all under one roof.