Regener-Eyes® Shares The Top 5 Reasons You Should See Your Eye Care Professional

Too many people neglect visiting an eye care professional. There are many serious eye problems that could cause blindness and other damage and visiting an eye care professional could help to avoid future problems. Even people who do not wear corrective lenses should visit an eye care professional once per year. Vision problems can develop silently.

As people age, most will require some kind of corrective lenses because of the natural changes that happen within the eyes. There is no reason to neglect eye health.

Dr. C. Randall Harrell M.D. of Regener-Eyes® presents the five reasons why everyone should visit their eye care professional regularly, going over some of the serious health problems that can affect the eyes.

1. Vision Issues

Many people neglect to have their eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions updated because they are concerned with the cost of eye care. Eye care professionals are alarmed by this neglect. If someone’s vision is not fully corrected, they could run into serious safety problems behind the wheel.

Children should also be brought to an eye care professional once yearly to check for vision problems. Children don’t always know how to articulate that they are having a vision issue, especially young children who are not yet in school. 

There are certain vision issues affecting young children that could damage their sight over the course of their lifetime if they are not corrected, like strabismus or crossed eyes. If these conditions are spotted by an eye care professional, the child can be referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist for treatment.

2. Checking for Chronic Conditions

Eye care professionals can help people with seemingly small problems that are interfering with their health and comfort. One of these problems is dry eye disease (DED). Dry eye disease can be extremely uncomfortable and cause further vision issues.

One of the tools in the eye care professional’s playbook is the medication called Regener-Eyes®. This medication was developed by C. Randall Harrell M.D. Chairman CEO & CMO Inventor of Regener-Eyes®. The scientist researched the mechanics of eye lubrication and found the most likely culprit of eye dryness.

Other chronic eye conditions like glaucoma and cataract disease may be detected during a simple eye care professional’s visit. Patients are encouraged to keep up a yearly schedule to visit with their eye care professional.

3. Side Effects of Serious Medical Problems

One of the medical problems that endangers people’s sight is diabetic retinopathy. A common side effect of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, diabetic retinopathy happens when the retina is not getting enough blood supply and is unable to function. Diabetic patients should have regular eye exams that include the dilation of the eyes.

Eye care professionals can also detect high blood pressure just by looking in the eyes. Other serious conditions that an eye care professionals can detect includes macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is a natural part of aging, but there are treatments that can help to slow its progression and save patients’ vision.

4. Protecting Your Eyes

Today, many people spend a great deal of time looking at electronic screens. People are interested in using their cell phones, tablets, and computers for a significant portion of their waking hours. Using electronics too much can lead to eye strain from glare and blue light. An eye care professional can prescribe eyeglass coatings that can help to solve this problem. People need to be careful with their vision, and eye care professionals are concerned with helping them see better and be more comfortable in the process.

5. Problems Related to Aging

Like macular degeneration, many eye conditions are caused by advancing age. While these conditions may not be preventable, eye care professionals and their colleagues are able to provide help and preserve a patient’s vision as long as possible.

Presbyopia is one of the most common eye conditions caused by aging. When patients experience this disorder, it is caused by the hardening of the lens. This makes it more difficult for patients to focus on objects that are close up. It may be necessary to get reading glasses or progressive lenses if presbyopia becomes a problem.

When patients age, they can develop reduced pupil size. This means that the pupils are less responsive to ambient lighting. Eyes produce fewer tears, leading to dry eye disease. Peripheral vision can also be lost, leading to serious problems behind the wheel.

Make Regular Visits to Your Eye Care Professional

A simple vision screening is not enough to preserve your vision. You should see an eye care professional or ophthalmologist at least every two years if not more frequently. If you wear corrective lenses, visit your eye care professional yearly.

Eye care professionals have many tools available to help patients see better at any age. From prescribing corrective lenses to treating problems like dry eye disease, an eye care professional can be a valuable partner for a patient’s health.

Regener-Eyes® can be an important tool when it comes to dry eye. Invented by C. Randall Harrell M.D., the eye drop formulation could help to make patients more comfortable while encouraging the health of the eye as a whole.Seeing an eye care professional should be a routine part of every patient’s health care regimen. eye care professionals are key partners in helping patients see better and live healthier lives. C. Randall Harrell M.D. encourages all patients to see an eye care professional at regular intervals.