Rendina Healthcare Real Estate Named as A Finalist in the 2018 HREI Insights Awards

Rendina Healthcare Real Estate has once more made it to the list of finalists in the 2018 HREI Insights Awards, and rightly so. Under the leadership of their CEO and chairman, Mr. Richard M. Rendina, the company has been nominated for the award of Healthcare Real Estate Executive of the Year.

HREI is the nation’s first and sole digital and print magazine that’s dedicated to covering HRE (Healthcare Real Estate) development, investment, and financing. Held every year, the Awards presented by HREI recognize individuals and facilities that represent great achievement in healthcare real estate.

The HREI Insights Awards have become highly coveted and prestigious over the years. This year’s finalists have finally been revealed and the 9 main categories they will be selected under are:

  1. Best New Medical Office Buildings and Other Outpatient Facilities (Less than 25,000 square feet)
  2. Best New Medical Office Buildings and Other Outpatient Facilities (25,000 to 49,000 square feet)
  3. Best New Medical Office Buildings and Other Outpatient Facilities (50,000 to 99,000 square feet)
  4. Best New Medical Office Buildings and Other Outpatient Facilities (100,000 square feet or more)
  5. Best Renovated or Repurposed Healthcare Facility
  6. Hospitals and Other Inpatient Facilities Best New Ground-Up Development
  7. Post-Acute & Senior Living Facilities Best New Ground-Up Development PAM (Post-Acute Medical)
  8. Healthcare Real Estate Executive of the Year
  9. Lifetime Achievement Award

So far, this is the 11th time that Rendina has gotten a nomination from the HREI Insights Awards and for the obvious reason-the company is changing the pace of the healthcare real estate industry.

Some of the awards under Rendina’s belt are:

  • Best Renovated or Repurposed Healthcare Facility award -2016
  • Best New Medical Office Building or Other Outpatient Facilities of Less than 25,000 Square Feet-2015

You might wonder, what exactly does Rendina do to clinch such awards? One example is the exemplary work that scooped them the 2016 award. Rendina took 3 MOBs (Medical Office Buildings) located on the campus of Clara Maass Medical Center (CMMC), New Jersey. CMMC asked Rendina for a solution to avail capital for the hospital, improve overall physician and patient satisfaction, and enhance the community and campus.

After buying the MOBs from CMMC, Rendina went ahead to transform the old facilities to modern healing centers by renovating the common areas including the ceiling tiles, flooring, lighting, and paint, along with new entry systems and signage. Additional interior improvements comprised directories for improved wayfinding, furniture, and artwork all aimed at improving the patients’ experience. Rendina also replaced the roof, modernized the elevator cab, installed new HVAC, and put up new ramps.

Since taking ownership of the medical office buildings, occupancy has increased in leaps and bounds.  In a 2015 Kingsley Associates survey, there was a 7% increase in tenants who gave an “overall satisfaction” rating.  

Rendina is a leader in healthcare real estate development and is committed to providing class A facilities while also customizing solutions for healthcare clients countrywide. The core business of Rendina Healthcare Real Estate is design, financing, development, leasing, and managing office real estate.

Rendina has been in business for 30 years, and they have developed over 7.5 million square feet of healthcare real estate across the country. Their passion is to make their clients’ vision a reality. They have achieved this through transparency, flexibility, and a one-of-a-kind approach to scaling a fast-evolving healthcare environment. They deliver comprehensive solutions which connect health systems, physicians, and hospitals to communities countrywide.

Thus far, the business has successfully completed more than 100 projects within budget and on time.  As a result, Rendina boasts that more than 85% of their clients become repeat clients. They have partnered with half of the 10 largest healthcare systems on transactions representing  almost $2 billion in financing with absolutely zero loan defaults.

Mr. Richard Rendina took over running the company at a young age in 2007 and under his leadership, the company has been able to independently fund projects. This is one of the attributes that attracts and impresses their business partners. The resilience of the CEO and chairman of Rendina Healthcare Real Estate is remarkable. Mr. Rendina has been one of the driving forces of this powerful company despite battling and eventually overcoming cancer in 2011.

In addition, Rendina greatly supports charitable organizations as well as communities where they do business. The Rendina Family Foundation has donated more than $6 million to different organizations nationwide.

The Finalists and winners of 2018 will be featured in HREI magazine editions of December 2018 and January 2019. Additionally, winners will be presented with their awards at a public luncheon ceremony on 6th December 2018, at the Realshare HRE Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Many will no doubt be rooting for Rendina Healthcare Real Estate.