Starting Your Own Eye Care Business? How the PECAA can Help You Expand Exponentially

 You’ve finally decided to open an eye care business; that’s great news! Now you have two choices before you: you can either go through the hard process of building up a new business from the ground…or you can become a member of the PECAA.

What is the PECAA?

Founded in 2006, the PECAA is the Professional Eye Care Associates of America, a group that’s dedicated to the advancement of the eye care industry in the United States. The main goal of the group is to promote better business practices for both new and established eye care providers, as well as to give members a platform to network among their peers, avail of digital marketing techniques specific to the industry, and provide other services such as coding and billing support, continuing education, and staff training.

How do I become a Member?

The process of joining the PECAA is actually quick and easy. You simply go on their website and fill out a form! Once they have processed your application, you just need to pay the membership fees and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that come with being a member of the organization. For businesses that have already been in operation before joining, you will be required to join as a standard member.

For businesses that are only starting out and have not built up a client base, they have the “Cold Start Practice Program”. This is a program that comes with all the benefits of being a fully-fledged member of the PECAA while enjoying free membership during the first six months of operation, then a reduced fee during the next six months. When you avail of this program, you can save up to $1,200 during your first year.  You will also have the added benefit of a dedicated advisor who will focus on helping you build up your business and client base during your first year of operations.

One of the best things about being a member of the PECAA is that there is no fixed contract duration. They fully guarantee their services on a per-month basis, which means that if you are not satisfied with their level of customer care, you can avail of the following month’s services for free. What’s more, you can choose to cancel your membership without any penalties or cancellation fees that will be tacked on your account.

What are the Benefits of Being a Member?

There are several benefits that you can enjoy as a member of the PECAA, which they categorize under three aspects: Connect, Build, and Prosper.


Under the CONNECT aspect of the organization, you will be able to access exclusive events that will allow you to build relationships with other eye care professionals. The PECAA holds regular networking events such as peer-to-peer dinners and national member events. All of these events can be accessed through the Events Calendar on the website so that you can see which events are accessible to your location and schedule. Never underestimate the power of a network!


One of the main goals of the organization is to ensure that eye care professionals are able to access resources and means to help grow their business. The PECAA offers many programs that allow eye care professionals to better streamline their business in various aspects, such as offering coding and billing support, staff training resources, and human resource training. You can also learn how to keep better inventory through their product tracking programs or learn better marketing strategies to boost your business visibility. Finally, you can even learn all about the latest medical trends and techniques in the industry and how you can provide better healthcare for your patients through their continuing education program. You won’t even need to worry about your availability, since these programs use online learning! You can learn at your own pace, and yes, you will even receive a certificate that’s credited by bodies such as the COPE, CPC, and NCLE.


The final aspect of the PECAA group focuses on the financial side of your business. As a group, PECAA works in partnership with dozens of vendors, suppliers, and distributors. This means that when you are a member of PECAA, you can enjoy significant discounts and rebates from these partner vendors. You can then pass these savings on to your customers, or use the savings to invest back into your business such as building a bigger inventory or modernizing your office space to increase comfort.