Stay healthy: and make a well-paid living

Staying healthy is, essentially, the same as staying alive. It’s about eating well, exercising vigorously and living wisely. You’ve got to stay away from cigarettes, keep your booze consumption minimal and learn how to craft meals that optimise your intake of vitamins and minerals.

At least, that’s the bare minimum of what you should be doing. While there are plenty of people who get through life perfectly healthily, many others push their bodies to the limit. They’ll wake up at the crack of dawn, go running for 10 miles, and boost their immune system with a super-fruit smoothie. And that’s just the start of the day.

The rest of their time is dominated by thoughts of staying fit, of maintaining a physique that will impress passers-by and give them the kind of abs usually reserved for Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel.

So, you outgoing fitness fanatics, this is an article for you. It’s going to tell you how you can leave your current job behind and focus entirely on body building and calisthenics. And it’s going to tell you how you can turn your hobby into a well-paid profession.

Selling your body (so to speak)

You, you rippling Adonis, are the best candidate to become a trainer, not least because your body is a billboard for your services. As long as you keep yourself looking trim, you’ll always have a sturdy stream of customers to boost your profits.

But before you’ve even considered becoming a personal trainer, you’ll have to get qualified.

You can find personal training courses on the internet, all fully accredited and providing you with in-depth information on health and nutrition.

The course for you

But hang on a minute, you might be thinking, I already know everything there is to know about fitness. What do I need a course for?

The answer is, you don’t know as much as you think you do. Although you’ve managed to create a perfectly serviceable diet for yourself, your method won’t necessarily fit everyone else’s bodily requirements. Some people will need to eat a lot more than you, some a lot less. Some people will have to exercise a lot more than you and, again, some a lot less.

Training someone isn’t just about pushing them to breaking point and hoping they adjust. It’s a communication, a process where you find the right workout plan for your client.

This takes time, craft and, most importantly, a lot of tuition. It’ll take plenty of work, but the value of your new qualification will far outweigh the work you’ve put in.

So if you want to turn your hobby into a fulltime profession, you know what to do.