Student Success Begins with Gateway Courses

Gateway courses are one of the largest deciding factors of college student success. These courses offer an introduction to content the student will be working throughout their college career, and making sure students complete them as early as possible can lead to  overall higher college retention and graduation rates.

Gateway courses are mostly English and math classes, but there are many different kinds of these classes depending on the student’s major and interests. This is why early advising is important, as the earlier students are able to decide on their major, they can take the gateway course that will be most beneficial to them moving forward in their degree program. 

Faculty can also support students in succeeding in their gateway courses by providing structured time to review, support, reflect on assignments, ensuring students confidence and capacity for success moving forward. If students do not feel confident in their ability to complete their gateway courses, they are less likely to succeed in future classes and this may even lead to students leaving their degree programs. 

By offering students the support they need in finding the right gateway courses for them, we can be sure to see an increase in the amount of students completing their degrees confidently and on time. Learn more about the importance of gateway courses in the infographic below:

Gateway Course for Student Success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative