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  • 5 Ways How Cannabis Is Beneficial For Skin Care

    From serum to plasma skin tightening, Botox, and the infamous sperm facial, the beauty industry lacks the innovation department when coming up with alternative solutions for glowing skin. These days, the trend is shifting to something previously associated with bums eating potato chips all day – Cannabis. Maybe you have had your share of joints […]

  • How Cannabis Helps You Cope With Grief

    How Cannabis Helps You Cope With Grief

    Sooner or later, we all must deal with grief – whether it’s the loss of a beloved family member or close friend, every individual loses someone at some point in their life. Sometimes, a loss can be so devastating that the grief seems impossible to cope with. Recently, however, many mourners have discovered that one […]

  • The Chilling Reason Cannabis Is Getting More Popular

    The last few years have been wonderful to supporters of cannabis; recreational marijuana and medicinal marijuana alike has become more commonplace across the United States, and Canada’s booming cannabis industry is beginning to become the envy of the world. Similarly, more politicians are discussing ending the war on drugs than ever before, and cannabis’ federal […]

  • This Or That: Healthier Choices You Can Start Making Starting Today

    The process of becoming healthier can be made much easier by substituting certain things you consume for healthier alternatives. Most people believe that to become healthier that they will need a complete lifestyle overhaul. For most people, it just takes a few tweaks in their current lifestyle to do this while others might indeed need […]