Ten Things to Look Out For When Buying An Electric Bicycle

Buying an electric bike can be an exciting prospect, but there are certain aspects of purchasing it which you must know before making a final decision.

Determining the level of service you desire

Repairing and replacing damaged or worn out parts are a crucial part of maintaining an electric bike for men. Whether it is replacing a flat tire, or any other parts, you should always check out your local bike shop to check whether they work on electric bikes or not. Many owners also rely on warranties, but this is hardly unreliable, as most companies lack any real factory support. The best way forward is to select a name brand bike which has local support and service.

Considering Options for Upgrades and aftermarket parts

Before purchasing an electric bike, always plan and think of the upgrading options which you might need later on. For instance, brands such as Bafang and Tektro use generic parts for replacements, which make it easier for a quick replacement.

Selecting an e-bike with the right amount of power

One of the first points of purchase advertised by most e-bikes for men is the power requirement.  Modern markets are filled with units that use 250 watts, 500 watts and 750 watts, options. Even though the 250 to 300 watt units sound small, it can easily replicate the load sustained by a normal cyclist. Electric bikes men in the USA generally come with a 500 watt power supply.

Choosing the type of Motor Suitable for your Bike

Generally, there are three main types of motors to choose from when it comes to electric bikes. If you prioritise reliability and overall versatility, then go for the geared hub motor. Other options include direct-drive hub motors, which tend to be heavier than the former.

Learning about Pedal Assistance and Throttl

Two of the most striking features that all electric bike owners should understand are pedal assist and throttle. Normally, the pedal assist function is included with almost every electric bike model, while the throttle feature is an optional feature which is present in some brands and models. Thus, you have a lot of options when it comes to throttle selection, with half-twist throttle, thumb throttles and full-twist throttle just like in a motorcycle.

Selecting the Right Senso

Normally there are two types of sensors which are used by e-bikes: A rotation sensor and a torque sensor. Both have the same functions but some significant differences which you have to know before you make a final purchase decision. In layman’s terms Rotation sensors are designed to detect when the user is peddling and its speed. Torque Sensors on the other hand are included with some high-end e-bikes, which can also detect how hard a cyclist is pedalling.

Selecting Battery Quality

The battery is often an overlooked aspect of an e-bike but is crucial to a bike’s longevity and performance. Almost all e-bike batteries belong to the series of 18650 cells, which is recommended. Generic, no-name brands are strictly to be avoided. Instead you should be going for tried and tested brands such as Samsung, LG and Panasonic.

Battery Style Selection

Selecting a battery style would ultimately determine how the battery will be replaced. For instance, if you choose a generic-style battery, it could be easily replaced by a local vendor. On the other hand, many branded batteries do not have a generic counterpart, and replacements can be costly.

Battery Capacity Calculation

Manufacturers make claims in different units which make it very difficult for us to compare and judge the capacity of different batteries. Calculating the watt hours of any battery can provide you with an accurate reflection – of the battery’s capacity.

Range Claims ultimately do not Matter

Manufacturers tend to base their claims on lofty or ideal situations which is not a reflection of the bike’s practical performance. Thus, as an owner, do not get carried away by these claims and make a hasty decision. These claims are subjective and involve a lot of variables which may not be the same for every cyclist.