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The ABCs of CBD: 10 Amazing Ways CBD Oil Can Improve Your Health

CBD products rake in almost a billion dollars per year in revenue. This figure comes in stark contrast to the 108 million dollars per year CBD was making just 5 years ago.

Why the dramatic rise?

First off, local governments are becoming decreasingly strict when it comes to the purchase of CBD products. Second, more studies are pouring out every day that detail the incredible health benefits of CBD oil and other related products.

Do you suffer from chronic pain, a serious disease, or an inconvenient health issue?

If you do, you might be surprised to learn what CBD can do for you.

Are you wondering whether or not CBD is right for your health situation? Check out these 10 health benefits of CBD you probably didn’t know about.

1. Pain Relief

One of the most commonly cited health benefits of CBD oil is its ability to relieve pain. Whether the pain you’re experiencing is chronic or is short-term pain resulting from recent surgery or similar occurrence, CBD is exceptional at dulling unpleasant sensations.

Because of this, many states that are strict on CBD still make allowances for its use in medical arenas.

2. Anti-Inflammation

CBD oil is a favorite among arthritis sufferers. That’s because it has a proven track record when it comes to the reduction of inflammation in joints.

Studies have confirmed that the reduced inflammation and reduction in pain CBD oil is capable of have enabled thousands of people to resume managing their day to day lives again without the harmful side effects of more widely used prescriptions.

3. Quit Smoking

The habit of taking CBD oil has been known to replace the habit of smoking in many perpetual CBD users.

Given that CBD products are naturally occurring and have tremendous health benefits and smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, health professionals welcome the stimulus switch.

4. Reduction in Seizures

One of the most common health applications seen with CBD oil is helping seizure sufferers reduce the number of episodes they experience. This treatment is particularly effective for those who are managing epilepsy.

A recent study outlines both the benefits and limits of CBD oil when leveraged against seizures. Ultimately, it deduces that its effects are positive.

5. Improved Gut Health

As many as 45 million people across the United States suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. There are many over the counter and prescription medications available to deal with this chronic illness. However, many cause side effects that far exceed the inconvenience of IBS.

That’s why the health benefits of CBD oil have been celebrated in this area. CBD oil has been proven to lower gut inflammation and settles upset stomachs. This ultimately results in healthier and faster bowel movements.

6. Help Fighting Cancer

While studies are far from conclusive when it comes to CBD’s aiding of cancer, early findings are promising.

Given CBD oil’s low toxicity when compared to other treatments like chemo, doctors have been testing it and hypothesize that it could aid in the battle against lung cancer and the overall slowing of the disease.

7. Decreased Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are silent killers. They can be key contributors to heart disease which is the number one cause of death among adults in the USA.

Many people use CBD products to help boost their ability to relax and to help themselves be more present rather than focused on past traumas and future stressors.

8. Assistance With Type-1 Diabetes

Similar to its applications in cancer, CBD’s application in diabetes is still in its infancy.

As of right now, researchers are seeing that the inflammation in the pancreas caused by type 1 diabetes is being reduced by CBD. This reality is leading many to speculate that CBD could end up being part of a broader diabetes treatment plan prescribed by doctors in the future.

9. Slowing the Progression of Alzheimer’s

Many people are surprised to find that the health benefits of CBD oil and other products extend to brain disorders. Most research conducted on this front has been in regard to Alzheimer’s and early findings are positive.

Studies have shown that people who were treated with CBD oil had a heightened ability to recognize faces in comparison to non-CBD users.

10. Acne Fighter

If you struggle with adult acne or have a child that struggles with it, CBD oil may serve as an excellent natural alternative to harmful antibiotics or harsh topical medications.

CBD excels at reducing inflammation which means that inflamed pours can benefit from its use.

This website and local CBD dispensaries should be able to advise on which CBD products are best for minors and acne treatment.

More Health Benefits of CBD Oil

While western medicine and big pharmaceutical companies are all the rage when it comes to curing health issues, studies are beginning to uncover healthier treatments provided by nature.

The health benefits of CBD oil and other products are perhaps the most important discoveries we’ve made on that front. We hope that all of the advantages of using CBD oil that we’ve listed above have helped you decide whether or not its use is right for you.

As with all things related to your health, discuss adding CBD to your regimen with your doctor. Doing so will ensure that it doesn’t conflict with your preexisting prescriptions or unique health situation.

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