The Benefits Of Health Tourism

One of the most up and coming industries in the world is health tourism – which is where people are travelling abroad for the sole purpose of having medical procedures carried out. Health and medical tourism is not only advantageous for the countries who are providing this opportunity, with one of the leading countries being Turkey, it is also exceptionally beneficial for the consumers who are looking to take the trip abroad in order to have a procedure carried out. Here, we’re taking a look at the benefits of health tourism, and why it should be a consideration if you are looking to have a medical procedure such as a hair transplant or nose job carried out.

Low Costs

One of the major drawbacks of having cosmetic surgeries carried out in the UK or the US in particular is the high costs that are associated with it. While many people are happy to pay £10,000+ for a simple cosmetic procedure to be carried out, many people who desire the treatment can’t afford that type of money. The number one reason why people tend to head overseas to have treatments such as a hair transplant for example, is because of the low costs. Some reports even suggest that patients can save on average between 30% and 80% when compared to US prices for the same treatment!

High Quality Healthcare

Just because the prices are far more affordable when it comes to health and medical tourism however, that doesn’t mean that you are compromising on the quality of healthcare. Many of the doctors and surgeons that are carrying out the procedures overseas are actually trained and certified in the UK or USA. In addition to this, there are a number of international institutions and organisations that aim to provide accreditation to surgeries around the world, so patients know exactly who they should be looking to go to. The very best surgeries such as the Longevita surgery in Turkey are accredited by organisations such as the JCI, ISO and more, so there is no need to fear that you are paying less but receiving a poorer quality of treatment. In some cases, you may even find that the quality of the private healthcare you will receive is actually above the standards of that in the UK for the same procedure.

Immediate Access To Procedures

Another major benefit of health tourism overseas is the fact that you do not have to tackle huge waiting lists in order to receive your treatment. In most cases, access to the procedures is immediate, or a waiting time is only a few months. Medical tourism offers patients the chance to be at the top of a priority list. This can also be the case for non-cosmetic procedures, and can be applied to various medical and health problems also.

Opportunities For Travel 

A small side benefit of travelling overseas to have a medical procedure carried out is that you are able to explore the culture and other parts of a country that you may not have considered visiting before. While this may not always be an option depending on the amount of downtime you are facing after your treatment or procedure, patients who are travelling abroad in search of cosmetic, dentistry or wellness treatments are able to take advantage of this benefit.