The Best Healthy Energy Drinks To Try This Year

Are you looking to elevate your health and wellness this year?

Look no further than healthy energy drinks!

Traditional energy drinks get a bad rap for being made with unhealthy ingredients that give you the jitters. This is a result of too much sugar, too many additives, too many calories, and not enough real ingredients.

 But not all energy drinks are created equal.

There is a real difference between your chemical-induced energy drinks and your healthy energy drinks. If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it is that our health matters. So many people are putting more effort into understanding what they are eating and drinking and the health benefits it will provide their body with.

That is why healthy energy drinks have become all the rage this year! We are all still working just as hard (if not harder) than ever before and many of us need a helping hand to have the required energy to match the high levels of output being exerted.

But how do you know if a healthy energy drink is really healthy? What should you be looking out for when making your decision of which one to choose?

To help you find the best ones to try this year, here are our top tips of what to look for when it comes to the best healthy energy drinks to put in your fridge.

1. Ones with no added sugars

Despite how delicious sugary drinks taste, they are both addictive and dangerous for your long-term health. That’s why zero sugar energy drinks are some of the best ones to try this year. In place of actual sugar, healthy energy drinks will use natural sweeteners like agave or maple syrup. This means that not only will you avoid getting addicted to sugar, but your body will feel better for it too!

2. Ones with natural ingredients  

This one is fairly obvious but important enough to point out—the best energy drinks that are healthy are the ones that have natural ingredients and minimal preservatives (if any) in them! That is because the majority of essential vitamins and minerals come from real food, not artificial additives. So this means that the best healthy energy drinks use caffeine from natural sources like green tea or vitamins from fruits.

3. Ones with a sensible level of caffeine

On average a person should really not be having more than one to two cups of coffee per day. So there is no reason to have an energy drink with x3 that much caffeine jammed inside. The best type of healthy energy drinks has a sensible level of caffeine that is from a natural source (no chemicals please!).  Avoid any synthetic caffeine ingredients as that is what will give you the unwanted jittery feeling. When it is natural caffeine, you will feel energized with a sense of calm and clarity to boot.

4. Ones with minimal calories

Some of the best healthy energy drinks are the ones with minimal calories in there as well. This is not only a direct correlation to the zero sugar inside (sugar makes up the majority of calories) but also a sign that mainly natural ingredients have been used—like fruits full of antioxidants! The healthy energy drinks should not be a meal replacement, but rather an aid to get you through the day feeling great with natural ingredients that you could get from real food itself.

Healthy energy drinks are what are going to get us through 2021. Not only do they taste great, but they have a range of positive benefits for our own health and wellness. So drink up!