The Challenges of Starting a Small Company

The Challenges of Starting a Small Company

The business world has become tremendously exciting recently, with entrepreneurship leading the charge. However, starting a company is much more complicated than signing up to receive a two-week course on how to do it. While some pain management specialist Jordan Sudberg explores the challenges faced by entrepreneurs starting small businesses in his article, he also offers advice for those who hope to make their businesses successful.

1. Differences in management

Entrepreneurs starting a small company face the biggest challenge of differences in management style. They are under tremendous pressure to adapt their methods to compete effectively. The business world has changed radically over the last fifty years and continues to do so at an alarming rate, making it difficult for new companies to find success.

2. Creative thinking

Small businesses are always looking for new ways to innovate. However, to be successful and not go out of business, they must create fresh products and boost their brand awareness. Small companies will struggle to compete in the marketplace without a unique set of ideas and the ability to think creatively.

3. Financial burdens

Businesses struggle with finances daily, but entrepreneurs dealing with small companies face financial burdens they cannot afford. They must find ways to finance their company’s growth while paying the bills; this is much more difficult than it sounds when money is tight.This is why most small companies rely on outside financing to make ends meet.

4. Research and development

Entrepreneurs in small companies do not have the luxury of finding new ideas as soon as they come up with them. They must first put them through research and development before entrepreneurs can introduce them to their marketing team. Small companies find it difficult to patiently wait for their ideas to be developed before they can be presented to the public.

5. Marketing

Small businesses do not have the funds to create an effective marketing strategy. They must focus on other areas of their company, such as advertising and promotion, in order to make sales. This is much more difficult than buying advertising space in a magazine or newspaper.

To ensure their survival in the current climate, entrepreneurs starting a small company must be creative in managing their firm and look for unique ways to grab the market’s attention. According to pain management specialist Jordan Sudberg, they must remain patient while their research and development are completed. Once this is accomplished, though, they will be able to present an authentic, one-of-a-kind product. Finally, small companies will find it essential to invest heavily in marketing and promotion because this is how they can make a profit.


Entrepreneurs starting a small company face a variety of challenges daily. They must be creative, have patience, and have a lot of faith in their ideas if they hope to succeed. However, if they overcome these obstacles, they can make a profit while giving the people around them much-needed products and services.