Are you looking to lose weight but you don’t know where to start? How about I introduce you to two of the best meal delivery diet programs in the world.  The Nutrisystem and the Jenny Craig. Having these programs in your plan, regardless of what you choose, will definitely enhance your chance to lose weight in a healthier way.

Incorporating going to the gym and maintaining a good healthy diet is sometimes hard, especially when it comes to choosing a diet program. Well, as much as this might be because of the various options to choose from, there are online forums which give diet reviews that should help make things way easier. There are many programs but it is reported that these two are front runners in this race. With this being said, why don’t we get right into the differences between our two programs.


Both programs offer different food plans and with the Nutrisystem, you’ll get a 28-day food supply where you get to enjoy 6 meals, as well as snacks per day. Fun fact, for accompaniments, you’ll get fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy. Awesome right? They also have plans for both men and women, so don’t stress yourself. The best part with this program is that vegetarians and those with type 2 diabetes have also been included.

When you come to the Jenny Craig system, you’ll realise that just as the Nutrisystem, it has a 6 meal per day feature although one snack is your own.

One more thing, the food styles are totally different, so you’d want to check the menu on both ends.


The training systems in both programs will definitely differ. In one, the Nutrisystem, you get to work with a general diet coach while with the Jenny Craig diet program, you will work with a personal consultant who will assess everything about your progress, from your eating habits all the way to your motivation level. This way you get to customize more on your own plan which helps in achieving your weight loss goal. However, there’s a downside that comes with Jenny Craig consultants where they are not necessarily trained professionals.


A program is considered effective, when the participants of the program are no longer dependent on it, as they’d have formed a new habit that comes naturally. As the participant begins the diet program, regardless of what it is, they meet consultants or diet coaches who help them learn more about nutritional health and ways to improve on their eating habits.

Participants who follow the Nutrisystem plan don’t have long term support but they still manage to lose about 1-2 pounds a week.

The case is the same when it comes to Jenny Craig, in terms of weight loss, although with them, they stop being dependent on the program after they obtain their goal. This is great as they now have a habit that has been planted on them and will come naturally each time.

4. COST.

When it comes to the cheaper, or more affordable option, then the Nutrisystem takes the lead. Here’s why.

The Nutrisystem costs 9$ a day and 230$ a month and is an all-inclusive plan, that has no enrolment fee.

 This is low as compared to Jenny Craig’s price where you will spend 20$ a day after you pay an enrollment fee which comes with a 12 day free trial. The Jenny Craig diet plan will set you back 620$ which is more than double of what you’ll spend at the Nutrisystem. However, the plan has its perks such as having a personal consultant who will guide you through the whole process. You are also able to meet with your consultant to have a one on one conversation. In my opinion, having one on one conversations helps the consultant in understanding you better.

As much as diet plans and programs come with different sets of rules, don’t forget to have fun while following them. You could still go for different activities and try out new adventures still following the plan. Also try to learn/gain as much information as you possibly can from your private consultant or your diet coach and if possible, note them down for future references. Another thing is to do your adequate research before settling on a diet plan. And with that, good luck with choosing what’s best for you.