The High Price of Fatigue: Surprisingly Scary Reasons to Seek the Sleep Your Body Craves

We do it every night, or at least we should because if not, the body severely suffers.  Health experts suggest we get at least eight hours of sleep per night, and some people require even more hours of rest.  Aside from feeling tired and cranky, there are risks to getting the sleep that the body craves so badly.  Here are reasons that will scare you into getting enough winks each night.


Fatigued people don’t remember things very well.  Whether that means performing muscle-memory functions for work or studying for a test.  The mind needs its rest just like the body, and those who neglect getting enough sleep will suffer a fatigued body and slower mind.  If you have an upcoming test or a job that demands high performance, it’s very important that you get enough sleep.


If you value your waking life then you need to ensure you get enough sleep each night.  Those who get enough sleep have proven to live longer lives.  It makes sense; feeling fatigued takes a toll on the body, which makes organs work harder when awake.  Doing this for a long time taxes the body and can make it break down quicker, which leads to sickness and an earlier death.  Feeling rested and healthy enriches one’s life and positively influences a job, relationships, and sense of well being.


Inflammation leads to heart disease, arthritis, and a host of poor health conditions.  Being short on sleep means contracting C-reactive proteins that are associated with a higher risk of heart attacks and pulmonary complications.  Those who regularly get more than six hours of sleep avoid inflammatory proteins.


A lack of sleep leads to weight gain.  Those who feel fatigued and suffer from a lack of sleep are significantly more likely to become obese and struggle with their weight.  It’s hard enough to stay in shape.  It requires dedication, regular exercise, watching what you eat, and getting enough sleep so your body can repair.  A lack of sleep influences hormones which leads to weight gain.  Moreover, those who are tired are less likely to feel motivated enough to go to the gym and exercise.


A lack of sleep has been linked to feelings of melancholy and long-term depression.  It makes sense; if you don’t get enough sleep, you feel more cranky and as if you don’t have enough energy to do all the things you want to do.  For example, regular exercise is linked to feelings of well being aside from making you look better, which influences your mental health too.  Those who don’t get enough sleep grow irritable, which can inspire negative interactions and sour feelings.


A lack of sleep leads to a defeating cycle.  For example, those who are not getting enough sleep may suffer from a sleeping disorder or be worried about something in their social life (job, relationship, etc.)  Getting too little sleep leads to poor decision making and greater stress, which leads to poorer decisions and greater levels of anxiety.  A good night’s sleep is one of the easiest ways to cure a person from feelings of added stress.  When you get enough sleep, you’re better able to function and make the best decisions.


Those who are constantly tired do not react as quickly as normal, which can lead to motor vehicle accidents, or worse, death.  Those who are chronically tired and need to drive long (and even short distances) pose the risk of injuring themselves and others when they operate a vehicle.  Alternatively, you run the risk of not getting out of the way of other drivers at fault.  Contact an attorney that focuses exclusively on car accident injuries if you are in an accident due to the fault of others.  Moreover, if you’re fatigued and do get to the gym, you’re more likely to get injured due to lifting heavy weights or not maintaining proper form.


As mentioned, those who feel fatigued suffer from poor performance.  Whether it’s demands of work or school, lacking in performance leads to bigger problems.  For example, a person who is habitually tired at work may perform worse than peers, and when it comes to reviews may get passed over for promotions or raises, or worse, be terminated.  Those in competitive school curriculums may need to maintain a certain grade-point average, and a lack of sleep can lead to a loss of scholarship, ability to graduate, or matriculation into a graduate program.

Benjamin Arnold works at a pharmacy and, though only a shop assistant, has become able to offer advice for people picking up off the shelf items whether they are battling a cold or need a decent night’s sleep. He enjoys sharing his wisdom online too with his articles which are reaching more and more people.