The Importance of Being Healthy When Working

Health is the number-one resource that any worker needs to be efficient and productive at the workplace. However, there are numerous ways that people compromise on their health while working, at times without even knowing it. Here are a few tips on protecting your health at your workplace.


As much as you love to wear shoes that make a statement and make you presentable at work, it is crucial to consider the effects different types of shoes have on the well-being of your feet. One way to avoid foot pain and cramps is wearing comfortable shoes. These two shoes characteristics have pronounced effects on feet.


  • The height of the heel


All high-heeled shoes have been established as a primary cause of metatarsalgia and bunions. To avoid having to deal with these conditions, you should instead invest in low-heeled shoes.

  1. The size of the shoes

It goes without much saying that ill-fitting shoes will cause discomfort to the feet. Also, remember that human feet naturally expand during the day and so it is vital to have a shoe that accommodates this expansion.

Having a job always means having to constantly deal with work-related stress. While short-term stress is nothing to worry about, chronic levels of work-related stress have disastrous health ramifications. The most common causes of work-related stress include:

  • Career stagnation.
  • Unrealistic expectations from employers
  • Poor remuneration
  • Unfair treatment
  • Bullying and sexual harassment

Health professionals have stated that chronic work-related stress not only has negative effects on the work output of workers but also lowers the immunity levels in a person. Here are the best ways of combating work-related stress before it reaches chronic levels.

  1. Meditation

Psychology shows that meditation is the best way of containing stress since this remedy has immediate and long-term results. You can achieve this by moving to a quiet space and focus on your breathing for a few minutes.

  1. Establish a work-life balance

You should leave work stuff at work and avoid it appearing in your after-work lifestyle. This means not picking up work-related calls or responding to emails after work hours.


The comforts of the modern workplace has led many people to have a sedentary lifestyle. Scientists have, in recent years, named the sedentary lifestyle as “the smoking of the 21st Century” as it has been linked to numerous health problems ranging from back pains to cancer. While the setup of most offices are the primary enabler of the sedentary lifestyle, you can still escape this lifestyle.

  1. Using the stairs

One way of fighting the sedentary lifestyle is ditching the elevator and instead, use the stairs. Not only is this a nice workout, but also helps to release the pressures of work.

  1. Standing up

Another way of escaping the sedentary lifestyle is simple as standing up. Many offices even have high desks that allow people to work while standing up.

You will spend a significant part of your life at your workplace and with your health being your health, you should place paramount importance on protecting it. However, working in the modern workplace comes with dangers that might threaten your well-being. Following these few tips should go a long way in helping you escape these dangers.