Make Sure Your Outdoor Party Is Successful with These Health Tips

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor parties. What can be nicer than hosting a barbecue for your friends? However, if you want to makes sure that your party is a successful one you must make sure that it is safe as well.

There are a couple of health tips that you can respect in order to create the most enjoyable party. Here is how you can avoid all health risks while still having fun.

Keep your hands clean

The persons who prepare and serve the food must be extra careful. During an outdoor party your hands might dirty. Therefore, you should make sure that everyone watches their hands. This will help your guests stay safe and food won’t be tainted.

According to a study done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, most people do not wash their hands properly. You should scrub your hands for about 20 seconds, rinse and then dry them on your towel. Hand sanitizer can also come in handy.

Be careful with food

High temperatures can be very dangerous when it comes to food. You don’t want to eat anything that is contaminated. Don’t leave dairy or meat outside for too long. When you are serving hot food, the temperature should remain over 140 degrees. Meanwhile the cold food should remain below the temperature of 40 degrees. Bacteria can grow when the temperature ranges from 40 to 140 degrees. You can learn more health tips about that here

It easier to keep your food cold as long as you serve it in small bowls. Keep the rest of the food in a refrigerator or someplace cold and refill the bowls when you have to. You can also place your bowls in a larger bowl filled with ice.

Meat requires extra precautions

If you are going to grill a lot of food you should make sure that it is not left out too much before you cook it. When you leave your meat out bacteria can grow, and cooking it properly won’t help you get rid of it.

In order to keep your grilled meat safe, you should use a slow cooker. When you cook ground beef and eggs you should cook them at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. For pork, lamb, beef and veal the ideal temperature is 145 degrees Fahrenheit while poultry should be cooked at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

A food temperature can be especially useful in this situation. By using it you won’t have to worry about undercooked food. During your barbecue make sure that you wash your cutting boards and utensils after each use and try to separate foods in order to avoid cross-contamination.