The Importance of Telemedicine in Nursing Homes

Telemedicine has been thrust into the spotlight like never before, and a great deal of this is thanks to the global pandemic. It is important to understand that there is a significant difference between telehealth, which is more of a video visit to your doctor’s office online, whereas telemedicine is a bit more of a deep dive examination with on-site equipment to the patient. Many that need greater services will rely on telemedicine in nursing homes.

Either way, the business of telemedicine is booming. It allows nursing home residents the care that they deserve, as many of them are not ambulatory and have difficulty going to and from specialist appointments. Moreover, if a nursing home resident was in a rural area, it is likely that they would not have access to regular specialized care. Telemedicine makes his continuance of care possible for them to embrace. In many cases, telemedicine is literally saving lives, as post-acute nursing home patients who don’t see their doctor or an advanced practice nurse are twice as likely to be readmitted to the hospital or die within 30 days.

Learn more about how telemedicine is changing the game for nursing homes using the following visual deep dive below:

Why Nursing Homes Need Telemedicine