The Increasing Popularity of Vanilla Essential Oil

In the world of aromatherapy, the popularity of vanilla essential oil is fast growing. Its lovely and comforting fragrance compounded with its medical advantages has made it an alluring choice for many people. The oil is known to contain properties such as antioxidant, aphrodisiac, febrifuge, tranquilizer, sedative, antidepressant, all of which are beneficial health-wise.

History of Vanilla Essential Oil

This oil is gotten from the vanilla plant and it’s also known as vanilla planifolia. The plant is in the form of beans. It is mostly found in Central America and Mexico. They were originally cultivated by the Totonacs before their defeat by the Aztecs. Aztecs too were defeated by Spain who brought their spoil to Europe, the vanilla plant inclusive. 

By sending vanilla essential oil from Spain to Europe travelers contributed significantly to its popularity. Since then, this incredibly smelling plant has been used as a flavor for ice cream, confectioneries, and now essential oils. Though there isn’t a hundred percent vanilla essential oil, the original vanilla absolute is quite expensive due to the long and stressful process of production. Also, because vanilla essential oil cannot be derived from the traditional method of distilling, alcohol was introduced for extraction.

How to Make Vanilla Essential Oil

The method for making vanilla essential oil is different from most essential oil. For one, there isn’t the practice of distillation. This isn’t to say that there is a single method for producing vanilla essential oil. For one of the popular methods, you need to chop the vanilla pods, add them in a carrier oil which could be coconut, lavender, or carrot oils. You should keep it instilled for two weeks with periodic shaking after which you pour it in a container. 

Another method is to keep the vanilla pods instilled in alcohol for fourteen days, with periodic shaking still. After two weeks, turn the oil into a container for the alcohol to vaporize. Then, your oil is ready for use.

The Benefits of Vanilla Oil

Vanilla essential oil isn’t just loved for its great smell. More than that the world has discovered its amazing benefits from as early as the eleventh century. The benefits of vanilla essential oil cuts across health, skincare, and hair care. Below are some specific benefits:

  • The presence of the antioxidant in vanilla essential oil has been scientifically proven to preserve the body from wear and tear. It also helps in healing any injury to the body;
  • The use of vanilla oil is not just of advantage to the physical part of the body, but of the mental health also, as it helps in brightening of mood and dispelling gloom. It has a relaxation effect on the mind;
  • It clears acne, discouraging further breakouts and irritation;
  • It can be used as an anti-aging recipe as it helps in smoothening wrinkles;
  • It acts as a remedy to dry hair;
  • It eradicates free radicals that cause infection and organic malfunction;
  • Vanilla essential oil does well with other essential oils.


With vanilla essential oil, recovery is as easy as perceiving the nice smell of the oil. Getting original vanilla absolute is indeed as expensive as it is scarce, on the bright side. The most popular aromatherapy sites love vanilla essential oil. You can check them out for high-quality products.