How to Get a Great Workout Without Going to the Gym

How to Get a Great Workout Without Going to the Gym


Most of the time when people think of exercise, the first thing that comes to mind is the gym. While there are many advantages to joining a gym to keep in shape, one can run into obstacles when keeping that routine of going to the gym. From simple everyday hindrances to big issues like the 2020 Pandemic, for instance, shows that sometimes one can not get that workout at the gym. At the start of the Pandemic, many businesses had to close and this included gyms. Many dedicated people who feel that the gym is their second home found themselves without that much needed visit. This should have made many realize that one can still get that desired workout with going to the gym. Many did become resourceful and considered and some even actually implemented different ways to get a great workout without going to the gym. Here are some of those alternatives of getting in some exercise for people like Alexander Djerassi that does not require going to a gym but can be done anywhere.

The Alternatives

First, one can get great workouts without going to the gym by simply working small amounts of exercise into their everyday routine. Simply walking whenever it is possible, taking the stairs instead of elevators, parking a further distance then walking to the destination and so many other little things to do just by going throughout one’s day can get that exercise and the heart pumping.

Next, taking advantage of free workout apps or videos is another great way to get a workout without going to the gym. If one is a gym person and is accustomed to a class structure with a lead instructor to be inspired to exercise, then the ever so popular apps and video workouts are plentiful. One and simply make a choice. A standout has been the at home gym, with all of the advanced innovating technology, for example, the stationary bike craze where one can partake of a class by simply logging in and attending with many other at home stationary bike riders with an instructor at the head leading the pack. This virtual gym became very popular doing the Pandemic and many have not renewed their gym memberships but instead they are keeping their at home gyms even as many businesses and gyms have reopened.

Last, the great outdoors is good for everything when it comes to exercise. One can walk, jog, play sports, jump rope, do jumping jacks, go bike riding or even dance to get a good cardio workout to get that heart rate up. In addition, if one is missing the gym because of strength training, one can simply buy some dumbbells and other weight equipment to stay on track with muscle strengthening.

In Conclusion

One can go on and on as there was some information on how doing house work can be another great alternative to going to the gym as house work can give one just as much of a jolt of exercise as the gym and Alexander Djerassi would probably agree.