The Law of Using Marijuana Seeds

If you are a Cannabis consumer, then it is crucial to know the Marijuana seeds law. This article will discuss all the critical information related to Marijuana seeds law, so you cannot violate any.

Importance of marijuana seeds law

The marijuana industry is growing rapidly. According to the recent study of New Frontier Data company, it is estimated that by the end of 2022, the business will grow by 700% with market revenue of $2 Billion. There are vast number of weed-related products which you can purchase, which include: supplements, LED growing lamps, beauty goods, balms, CBD oils. Every product which is available in the market is made from marijuana seeds; therefore, it is the essential requirement of Marijuana industry to get acknowledged about Marijuana Seeds law.

The legal status of Marijuana seeds

Following are the laws of Marijuana in different countries:

Marijuana seeds law in the UK

The UK has not legalized Cannabis; however, the seeds of Marijuana can be sold or purchased, but still that cannot be used for germination.

Marijuana seeds law in France

Cannabis is also illegal in France. However, you can buy or purchase marijuana seeds, but you are not allowed to germinate them.

Marijuana seeds law in Italy

The marijuana law in Italy is a bit complicated. You are allowed to purchase or sell marijuana, but you cannot germinate it. Also, you cannot use marijuana. However, a single grown plant of Cannabis is accepted in some cases.

Marijuana seeds law in Germany

Marijuana is illegal in Germany too. Under the German Narcotic Act, it is illicit to grow, sell, or trade a cannabis plant. Also, it is not allowed to grow for agriculture purposes. However, there are some allowances for medically prescribed patients who can consume it as per the law.

Marijuana seeds law in Ontario

Marijuana seeds law Ontario is not different to Canadian law. Bringing seeds into Ontario is illegal; however, for souvenir purposes, the seedbanks outside the Canada can sell it otherwise, if any delivery package purchased from online retailers or anything related to Cannabis plant will be seized in Canadian border.

United States Laws of importing cannabis seeds

On December 20, 2018, US legalized the import of hemp (A Marijuana plant with THC levels of delta-9 not more than 0.3%). Except for the hemp plant, the Cannabis is illegal to import into US.

Ways to Buy Seeds of Cannabis

Many breeders supply seeds of marijuana, especially in European countries like the UK, Netherland, or Spain as there are no strict laws over cannabis.

However, in the US, the seeds can be purchased within your state boundaries by following the rules and regulations.

There are a few ways which you can use to purchase Marijuana seeds:

Shopping online

People living in European countries can make the most use of this way of online shopping. However, you will have to consider many things before purchasing seeds online. For example, the breeder from whom you want to purchase seed and the strain you want to produce.

Marijuana is illegal as per the federal law of the US. Still, seed banks data and breeder can be hard to find. Well, I would suggest you check out given below breeders as they have long history of selling seeds. The breeders include Exotic Genetix, Southern Humboldt Seed Collective.

Shopping at the Dispensary

The purchasing of weed seeds at the dispensary is very easy. However, it is only possible when you live in a state where patients with medical card and legal age individuals are allowed to purchase cannabis. Many dispensaries are focused on selling weed flowers and end products; however, they can provide you with the information of your seed. The best way is to talk to an employee and see if he has enough information about marijuana plant and he can provide with some increase in data.