The Must-Watch Fitness Trends In Europe

Trends change all the time, and fitness is certainly no different. Whilst it might be difficult to predict the latest wearable technology in the New Year, there are certain some must-watch fitness trends in Europe, including in-class competitions, health apps and even working out with your pets! Plus, when you complete your EHIC card renewal, you can get free treatment at any given time when you travel abroad, whether for injuries you’ve gained by slipping on the poolside or emergency treatment after Pilates. Here are the must-watch fitness trends in Europe:

Virtual Boxing

Though 2016 was the year of boxing, earlier this year, boxing had an update and went digital. Virtual boxing is ideal for anyone who needs a quick, yet effective, workout to fit into their busy back to back schedule. It’s a great exercise to get your heart pumping, and can even be performed in the comfort of your own living room in front of the TV!

Mindful Exercises

One of the must-watch fitness trends seen in Europe are mindfulness exercises. 2017 has been about gaining greater awareness of the connection between the mind and the body, and has already played a big part in lives across Europe, and beyond to the rest of the world. Practicing mindfulness exercises has multiple benefits including less negative thinking, reduced stress and anxiety and improved mood. The walking meditation, mindful mini-break and candle meditation are amongst the top mindful meditation exercises that are able to easily fit into your day (without formal practice).

In-Class Competitions

In-class competitions are becoming popular, too. Competitive heart rates, in particular, are inspiring fitness classes across the globe to host in-class competitions. It’s a must-watch fitness trend in Europe because you could see more Orangetheory Fitness-inspired classes popping up at your gym in weeks to come, and wouldn’t it be nice to be the first to know what it is? Though the name sounds a little daunting, Orangetheory Fitness is simply a 60-minute group person training workout. Everyone, including you, is hooked up to a heart rate monitor, and each heart rate is displayed on a wall monitor for everyone to see. The goal, however, is for everyone to compete against each other for the highest heart rate. For those who love friendly competition, these fitness classes can help you push yourself even more!

Working Out With Pets

Another must-watch fitness trend in Europe is to work out with your pets – a trend we have all been waiting for! We’re pretty excited with this one, and we think it’s quite obvious why! Though your pet might slow you down by a couple of feet, exercising with your dog can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress, helping you feel much happier and relaxed! There’s no need to panic if you have a cat, though, or simply if running isn’t your thing. Cat yoga is the fitness trend we have all be waiting for!   

Health Apps & Wearable Tech

Health apps and wearable technology alike are another must-watch fitness trend in Europe. In recent months, and with Christmas well and truly on its way, an increasing number of fitness fanatics across Europe, as well as the globe, are sporting their own FitBit. Having a FitBit is like having a best friend to motivate you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As well as tracking every part of your day, including exercise you do, food you eat and weight, the FitBit also monitors your sleep to ensure you wake up at the best time according to your sleeping habits.

Compared to previous years, the most current must-watch fitness trends in Europe are quite the mix. From advanced health apps recording your personal health data, the FitBit monitoring your every step to in-class competitions with the use of Orangetheory Fitness, there are several ways to ensure you don’t get left behind and keep track of your progress.

Photo by TheBetterDay