The Possibilities Of CBD Oil As A Remedy For Gut Conditions

Gastrointestinal (GI) diseases have been estimated to affect nearly 10% of the American population. In total, GI diseases number to over 40 simple diseases and complicated diseases. All GI complications can be quite serious and nearly half a million people have been completely disabled by diseases like Chron’s. Even though there are quite a number of remedies available in the market, there is no single medication which is currently capable of treating GI diseases without complications. Some remedies available often lead to side effects like weight gain, lowered immunity and other issues. On the overall, GI diseases have been a huge cause for financial problems and sometimes death. It is for this reason that an alternative treatment for GI diseases is highly sought after.

The Prospects of CBD Oil in Treating GI diseases

The research on CBD is still in its early stages but the applications of the substance have not been uncommon. For a long time, people have been using marijuana and CBDs to solve some gut issues. Marijuana has been used by people who lack appetite as well as those who suffer from gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, leaky gut and so many other complications. The possibilities for cannabinoids are thus projected to be man especially in the area of digestion complications.

For a long time, experts have made observations on the interrelationships between cannabinoids and the gut. Most issues that affect the gut are related to the contractions that take place when substances are passing through. Complications and pain can arise thus making the diagnosis rather difficult. This delays treatment and leads to bigger issues.

The research on CBD oil as a remedy for GI issues might be still young but various potentials have already been identified. It is already thought that the remedy could be one of the most powerful. The reason for this is because the CBD’s compounds are capable of vastly affecting the cannabinoid receptors in the gut in positive ways. There are CB1, serotonin, and CB-2 receptors in the gut which are all capable of regulating activity in the gut. The potential for CBD oil is thus huge.

The Prospects are Already Attractive even Though More Research is Needed

The expectations are high for both patients and researchers. CBD has been used for a long time albeit in an unregulated manner as an alternative treatment. There are no specific guidelines for dosage and prescription even though most people tend to find the right balance that works for them. Since there is a lot of involvement in research though, issues of standards will soon be overcome. The specific diseases that the remedy will treat will also be known as research matures. So far though, most people are just happy to have an alternative that works for Crohn’s and other related diseases.

Many GI diseases tend to cause inflammation in the gut. This information is what is leading the research currently. Some of the early remedies will be expected to treat inflammation and related issues. The scope of treatments is nevertheless huge and more information will ensue as a result of the research breakthrough.

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