The pros and cons of dating a foreign partner

There are all sorts of situations when you mind find yourself attracted to someone from a different cultural background. The undergraduate population at your local college will most likely be bolstered by students from all over the globe. You might rub shoulders with immigrants at your place of work. Or you could have got involved in a passionate holiday romance with someone who can barely speak English, but who is fluent in the universal language of love.

Whatever the situation, developing an interest in someone from exotic climes can be exciting. But there will inevitably be drawbacks associated with cultural clashes. Here are the pros and cons associated with these partnerships.

Convenient contact online

Although you might connect with a foreign girl after a random encounter, some singles go out of their way to pursue such a relationship. When they do want to make contact, the most convenient method of reaching out is via a matchmaking site.

Online dating caters for every possible category of romantic attachment. You might be particularly attracted to Asians, Scandinavians or Latin Americans. You can set your own parameters before launching a profile search. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for no strings attached get-togethers or even use a polyamorous dating website. The point is, there are no geographical boundaries on the Internet. The whole wide world of romance really is your oyster.

The cons? Perhaps the person you are chatting might be more economical with the truth than the local girls you bump into in nightclubs. But the overwhelming majority of foreign singles who sign up to online dating sites are doing so for similar reasons to you. They are keen to make the acquaintance of an individual from a more exotic background than their norm. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to sign-up with a dating service to get to know new people. With the help of an online platform like Chattoday, you can easily find like-minded people who are open to chatting with you using your regular messaging apps. Easy as it sounds!

Communication barriers

The obvious drawback of dating someone with a different ethnic heritage is the language barrier. Not only that, there will be cultural nuances you might not be aware of: subtle aspects of behavior or body language you might take for granted but which could be considered offensive. With a modicum of common sense, you can easily get around these obstacles.

The Internet will have lots of information about what females expect from suitors, whether they are from Portugal or Papua New Guinea. You can embark on online language courses, or download an app to your phone. In any case, part of the charm of getting to know a foreigner is the fun of practicing their language. You mispronunciations may lead to much jocularity, but the more important issue you are signaling is your willingness to embrace deeper aspects of her character than her looks or figure. You are demonstrating a level of commitment.

Broadening the mind

Where dating a foreigner appeals to so many is the sense of unlocking a secret world. Most of us could probably answer generic questions about a country; naming its major cities, the principal language, perhaps identifying its national flag or naming their top football club. But a wealth of fascinating facts lie beyond these superficial details.

Embarking on a relationship with someone from hundreds or even thousands of miles away will give you the opportunity to learn so much more about the history, geography, politics, and customs of their country of origin.

Although an obvious con is that your relationship might have to rely on texting or Skype for long periods. The flipside of that it that communication is so straightforward in this digital age. When you do arrange a holiday, you’ll have your very own guide waiting to meet you at the airport, someone who will delight in showing you the sights.