The Rise of DevOps and the Growing Demand for Mobile DevOps Engineers

In 2021, the role of ‘DevOps Engineer’ emerged as the most sought-after job title. With a valuation of $7 billion in 2021, this market is projected to reach an impressive $51 billion by 2030, exhibiting a remarkable CAGR of 24.7%. As the market expands, so does the demand for skilled DevOps Engineers, leading to increased industry standards and expectations.

The rise of Mobile DevOps engineers is evident from the statistics. The growing reliance on mobile apps has resulted in a greater need for tests and builds, given that smartphone users rely on an average of 9 to 10 mobile apps per day and 30 per month. This surge in demand continues to put pressure on Mobile DevOps roles.

DevOps tools significantly enhance efficiency for Mobile DevOps engineers. Companies embracing DevOps technology are less likely to have low deployment frequency, more likely to excel in lead time for code changes, and more likely to report improved delivery performance.
Bitrise, embraced by numerous unicorn startups, empowers Mobile DevOps engineers to thrive in the future. It facilitates reduced build times, increased development frequency, improved app stability, and optimized infrastructure and mobile DevOps spend. Furthermore, Bitrise supports various platforms, including iOS and Android.

The Future of Mobile DevOps Engineering
Source: bitrise