The Truth About Essential Oils for Cancer

When you hear cancer most people think of the normal treatments. Chemotherapy and radiation are the normal treatments for any type of cancers. Whether or not there is a tumor that has the potential to be cancerous, a cancerous tumor, or to prevent cancer from coming back after the removal of a tumor chemotherapy and radiation are the routine treatments. However, are there better ways to help prevent or take care of cancer?

The research is now showing that essential oils are now becoming a great alternative to chemotherapy and radiation. Essential oils are able to prevent and treat cancer at a cellular level. Essential oils have been proven to help manage side effects that cancer may bring about.

Now to realize that if you are on chemotherapy that does not mean you cannot use essential oils or vice versa. If you are on chemotherapy and you use essential oils it may help the side effects and may help even more than one or the other alone. Many doctors do not use natural practices and they do not know the benefit of using natural practices as well as the regular practices of normal cancer treatments.

Essential oils have not been done on humans but on skin cells in a petri dish. This does not mean that the oils are not useful in cancer treatment it just simply means that essential oils are in a research state at this point and time. However, with essential oils being used by people with cancer there are statements that it has completely cured their cancer and or helped with the side effects. With the statements made by people who have used essential oils for their cancer will be the basis of research in the future.

With the oils in the research stage, what are the best oils to use? Many people are recommending Citrus Oils. One ingredient in the citrus oils stands out to help more than any other ingredient, d-limonene. This is scientifically known to be a potent cancer-fighting agent. D-limonene is known to prevent tumors and chemopreventive properties.  

Another oil to be useful is Clary Sage. Clary Sage has been studied all the way back until 1999. Clary Sage is proven to impact the way the cancer cells proliferate. It is proven to kill the cells through a  process known as apoptosis. Apoptosis is almost causing a cell to kill itself. It is also known as programmed cell death. Clary Sage could have many effects on the future of cancer treatments.

Lavender essential oils are a great antioxidant. Lavender helps relieve stress and provide antioxidants. Stress can cause many chronic illnesses and cancer. Stress releases many different toxins in the body which will lead to chronic illnesses and even cancer. Lavender will help relax the body and give the body many useful antioxidants that would react with the toxins released due to stress.

Lemongrass is a great cancer fighter as well. It has many anticancer properties. Lemongrass has proven to cause a loss in tumor activity. Lemongrass would promote the apoptosis process. Lemongrass would cause cancer cells to cease activity as well as kill themselves causing cancer to eliminate itself. This has been scientifically shown under a microscope.

Spearmint and peppermint oils are a great essential oil for any common side effects of chemotherapy or radiation. Not only does it help the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation but also with the common side effects of cancer itself. These essential oils are used in aromatherapy with many cancer patients. Many different brain cancer patients use aromatherapy with these oils. These oils help reduce depression and anxiety in many cases of brain cancer patients. Spearmint and peppermint oils are also used to help the side effects of the normal cancer treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. These two essential oils are a great help with people who suffer nausea and vomiting from the treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. These oils are also helpful to prevent mucositis or a painful inflammation or ulceration of the digestive tract due to the treatment of the radiation in head and neck cancer patients.

Thyme stands out as an essential oil for cancer treatments. Thyme particularly stands out for helping prostate, lung carcinoma, and breast cancers. This is because these cancers are driven by hormones. Estrogen is a hormone that is produced in the body naturally that feeds many cancers. With Thyme it helps regulate the hormones which can help make cancer slow its progress along with help of chemotherapy it is very helpful in the treatment of many cancers. With the regulation of estrogen and the help of chemotherapy, it is sure that cancer will be treated and most likely be able to make someone be able to fight cancer.

Cancer and essential oils are a great treatment together. With the use of natural remedies of essential oils and the regular treatment of radiation and chemotherapy, it is sure that if doctors adopt the natural resources into their practices it is sure that the cancer treatment will be more advanced than ever. With these two practices put together, you are sure to get the best results for a person with cancer. Even though the use of essential oils is still in the research stage it is sure that the future of cancer treatment is bright. Natural remedies and normal practices being bound together would make the brightest future for cancer treatment ever.

Many people use essential oils already if they have cancer and it is just starting to be scientifically researched as well. This does not mean that just because scientifically essential oils are not used in practice of treating cancer just yet that you are not able to take these matters into your own hands. Essential oils are very useful in helping with the side effects of the cancer practices already in place. It can help from everything from nausea to anxiety. The future of cancer treatment with natural remedies and already confirmed practices looks very promising as scientific research is advancing every day.